University of New Hampshire

School of Law

Legal Responses to Terrorism

The course aims to introduce students to the legal issues raised as the U.S. government has sought to confront the challenge of terrorism. In many respects, the law governing responses to terrorism is still at an early stage of its development, with many of its basic principles still unresolved. Moreover, the new (or recently-appreciated) nature and extent of the threat posed by terrorism has led to some re-consideration of previously-settled issues. Because terrorism has thus raised new issues and subjected old principles to reconsideration, discussions of the law governing responses to terrorism has been politically and morally controversial. The course, therefore, seeks to integrate political and moral perspectives into the discussion of the law. Students should expect to participate actively in those discussions.

In some semesters, the course involves a final examination. In other semesters, it involves a research paper. In 2012, it will involve a paper, and will satisfy the advanced writing requirement.

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