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School of Law

Legal Analysis & Writing 1

Legal Writing and Analysis I (formerly Legal Skills I) introduces you to the fundamental analytical and writing skills used by practicing lawyers — these are skills important to any practice area from civil rights to tax. In successfully completing this course, you will have learned how to:

1) Read, comprehend, analyze, and synthesize legal issues and authorities;

2) Apply facts to legal issues and authorities;

3) Organize coherent predictive analysis using conventional legal structure and format;

4) Understand and accurately use legal citation;

5) Write clearly and concisely; and

6) Participate as a professional in all stages of the writing process.

Achieving these goals is not a linear process. To achieve them, you will read, reread, and repeatedly consult texts, manuals, and handouts. You will prepare written and oral exercises. You will practice reasoning, researching, analyzing, organizing, citing, revising, and editing. You will build these skills by practicing them at higher levels throughout the course, receiving and reviewing feedback, and analyzing ways you can improve.

In this course, you will learn how to write and format an analytical discussion, a client advice letter, and two objective interoffice memos. In doing so, you will help and learn from your classmates.

This course requires you to be organized, versatile, detail-oriented, responsive, communicative, hardworking, proactive, patient, humble, and open-minded — all traits that go into being a good lawyer.