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JD Program in IP

Where IP Leads: A Pioneering Program in IP

The Juris Doctor Degree with intellectual property concentration

The University of New Hampshire School of Law is one of the world's premier law schools for the study of intellectual property law. Its Franklin Pierce Center for IP is a pioneer in training lawyers of all backgrounds and specialties to deal with technological and scientific legal issues, while at the same time offering an internationally recognized program for specialists in patent law and related intellectual property fields. Our graduates are employed in leading patent firms, corporate legal departments, software companies, and government organizations around the world.

The Franklin Pierce Center for IP offers the most extensive selection of intellectual property courses in the country, exposing students to a wide variety of current intellectual property issues. The Franklin Pierce Center for IP continues the mission, started over 35 years ago, of being a pioneer in integrating intellectual property studies into legal education.

Approximately 35% of students at our law school have the solid training in engineering or the physical sciences required for patent law itself. The intellectual property program is also designed for students specializing in those areas for which a science or technology background is not required. These areas include copyrights for literature, art, or computer software, trademarks, trade secrets, licensing, e-commerce, and cybercrimes.

The Franklin Pierce Center for IP integrates traditional and IP courses with the practical skills necessary for practicing law in a rich and profound way. We take you beyond the traditional course list with increasingly responsible, complex and professional work available through externships, clinics, independent studies and research. Juris doctor students also have the opportunity to participate in Appellate Moot Court and Trial Moot Court competitions as well as edit and write for several publications, including IDEA, the Intellectual Property Law Review, and The University of New Hampshire Law Review. As a result, students gain both a thorough academic grounding and an opportunity to develop and actually use hands-on-skills. By second semester in the first year, Franklin Pierce Center for IP students can begin shaping their future by selecting electives in IP, commerce and technology.

JD students are also encouraged to complete the requirements to earn a Certificate in Intellectual Property and be eligible for designation as a "Franklin Pierce Intellectual Property Scholar."

Joint Juris Doctor and Master of Laws (LLM) Degree in Intellectual Property

A typical JD program (including ours) spans three regular academic years. Heavy specialization is possible, but often by sacrificing some of the traditional JD curriculum needed for well-rounded legal training. Our Master of Laws (LLM) Degree in Intellectual Property and Master of Intellectual Property (MIP) offer both intensive and extensive IP training. By pursuing our joint degree programs, people can, with careful planning and hard work, earn both degrees in three years. Although some classes count toward both degrees, you should plan for at least one Intellectual Property Summer Institute. Graduates who have pursued this option can justly claim both breadth and depth in their IP and general legal education.

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