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Career Services for IP students

The UNH Law Career Services Team is dedicated to giving each IP student comprehensive and tailored services to build a rewarding career. Years of experience working with IP employers gives UNH Law students a competitive advantage. The Career Services team works with our alumni around the globe to find that perfect position in the United States or abroad.

The Career Services Team works with other IP-related offices to gather the best leads and data. They interact with the faculty, the externship team, the IP librarian and many others to be the best IP career building team in the United States.

Individual attention

Staff members are always available to meet with IP students for individual counseling. A counseling session may be used to review resumes and cover letters, strategize about summer and full time jobs and brainstorm on developing contacts and building the student's network.

Workshops and programs

The Career Services Office presents numerous programs and workshops during the academic year. Topics include writing an effective cover letter and resume, meeting informally with practicing attorneys and learning how to fill out a bar application.

IP recruiting and consulting services

One regular workshop presenter is Kate Patterson who has specialized in recruiting and consulting services exclusively for intellectual property attorneys since 1980. Beyond basic staffing issues, she shares her considerable experience with venture capital firms and investors advising them on how best to meet their IP needs.  She strategizes with clients to develop creative solutions to their current and future concerns. A sampling of her expertise can be found in the following guide: Patterson's Guide to Intellectual Property Career Interviewing and Job Selection or Novel, Useful and Non-Obvious Ways to Find and Accept the Perfect Job in the IP Field.

Opportunities for legal experience

UNH Law teaches its students substantive law but it also goes a step further in offering numerous opportunities for students to gain practical skills. Many of our students take advantage of the clinical opportunities available as well as our externship program, which allows students to earn credit by working with lawyers in a variety of legal settings. Learn more about the externship program.

IP recruiting process

Career Services works with IP employers looking to hire a law clerk, summer associate or new associate. They offer three IP recruiting options:

On-campus interviews: Students cannot bid for interviews. Rather, the employer selects whom they want to interview. The process is as follows:

  1. Employers contact us and request an interview date, and send us a completed registration form.
  2. We collect the application materials the employer requests from students and send them to the employer 7-10 days before the interview date.
  3. The employer selects the students they wish to interview and notifies us of their choices.
  4. A final interview schedule is faxed to the employer prior to the interview date.

Resume collection: Career Services list the employers' job requirements and ask students to submit their application materials to Career Services by a certain date. After the deadline, the applications are mailed in one group to the employer.

Resume direct: Career Services lists the employers' job requirements and ask students to submit their application materials to the employer by a certain date.


As a member of the National Association of Law Placement, we are able to request reciprocity to other law schools which provides reasonable access to their career resources such as job postings.

Lifetime service

Because the process of finding meaningful work is often a lifetime endeavor, our commitment to our IP students does not end at graduation. We continue to work on an individual basis with any graduate who needs help with their job search.

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