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Where IP leads: A History of Promoting Applied Research

Applied research has long been a hallmark of UNH Law’s intellectual property work. Through the Franklin Pierce Center for IP, we demonstrate how the strategic management of IP can contribute to business growth and global economic development. And by using a coordinated approach and collaborative research environment for all projects, we maximize their “real world” impact to facilitate global innovation.

Our institutes and applied research programs serve as catalysts for innovation policy and technological development by bringing together government policymakers, industry leaders and academics. They also provide invaluable opportunities for our students to take their classroom experiences and apply them to cutting-edge issues in global intellectual property law.

Our International Technology Transfer Institute is active in projects ranging from increasing the commercialization capacity of Argentina’s government-owned research institutes to developing patent landscape reports for HIV vaccines and insect-resistant sweet potatoes in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our IP Management Program, which illustrates UNH Law’s belief that IP legal education should include exposure to the financial principles that underly the business of IP, is focused on professional training programs and research on patent and trademark valuation.

Other UNH Law research initiatives include developing mechanisms for the effective valuation of IP assets, preparing patent landscaping reports for research and development initiatives, and developing a robust rights-checking mechanism for registered IP rights.

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