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UNH Law Breaks Ground for New $4.6 Million Franklin Pierce Center for Intellectual Property

The University of New Hampshire School of Law today held an official groundbreaking ceremony for a 12,700 square foot addition that will house the newly created Franklin Pierce Center for Intellectual Property. The $4.6 million Center will build on the pioneering work that has made Franklin Pierce synonymous with intellectual property leadership for over 35 years.

"This addition will provide a striking home for our intellectual property program and reaffirm our commitment to remaining a global hub for the intersection of intellectual property and economic development," said Dean & President John D. Hutson.IP Center groundbreaking

The primary mission of the new Franklin Pierce Center for IP will be to promote global economic development by facilitating research and training in the protection and use of intellectual property for technological innovation. The IP Center will offer opportunities for students, faculty, and researchers to work with governments, industries, and academia across the world through research projects, conferences, and strategic collaborations.

The IP Center's mission will be advanced with significant national and international conferences and symposia, as well as the creation of new strategic alliances with leading organizations throughout the world. By housing one of the largest and best IP faculties in the United States and the only dedicated IP library in the nation, as well as drawing on the resources of the University of New Hampshire, the IP Center will further the innovative tradition of Franklin Pierce Law Center.

A national search is in-process for a director to lead and oversee the Franklin Pierce Center for IP. This new position will lead the Center in developing cutting-edge and innovative IP educational programming.