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UNH Law Enters into Cooperation Agreement with Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s KoGuan Law School

The University of New Hampshire School of Law has entered into an educational cooperation agreement with the KoGuan Law School at Shanghai Jiao Tong University in Shanghai, China. The agreement provides for student exchanges, as well as the sharing of academic and research related activities. The two institutions will also explore the possibility of creating a dual-degree program through which students can earn degrees in Chinese law and Intellectual Property law.

"We are delighted to be partnering with Shanghai Jiao Tong University," said John D. Hutson, Dean & President of the University of New Hampshire School of Law. "This extraordinary pairing of two pioneering law schools will provide our students a rare opportunity to explore the law from different perspectives. In our global economy, this type of educational experience is invaluable."

Through this agreement, students from each institution can enroll in the other institution for one academic semester of courses, which will be conducted in English in both Shanghai and Concord. Upon completion, course credits will be transferred back to the student's home institution.

Shanghai Jiao Tong University is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in China, with particular strength in science and engineering. The KoGuan Law School specializes in Chinese civil and commercial law, and offers foreign law students and legal professionals an opportunity to study Chinese law and legal process and engage in Chinese and comparative legal research.

The educational cooperation agreement will have an initial term of three years, expiring on September 1, 2013. To facilitate educational and research exchanges between the institutions, activities such as faculty exchanges, visiting scholar programs, joint conferences and symposia, and joint research projects will be created and supported. In addition, the schools will explore the possibility of offering dual degree programs that would allow UNH Law JD students to earn an LLM in Chinese law at KoGuan and offer KoGuan students the chance to earn an LLM from UNH Law's Franklin Pierce Center for Intellectual Property.

Each school has appointed representatives who have responsibility for ensuring open and timely communication between the institutions: Wang Guangxian, assistant dean for Research, KoGuan Law School; and Mary W. S. Wong, Professor of Law and Chair of IP Graduate Programs, UNH School of Law, and John Orcutt, Associate Dean for Faculty Research and Professor of Law, UNH School of Law.

UNH School of Law, and its Franklin Pierce Center for Intellectual Property, has a long history of engagement in China, including the China Intellectual Property Summer Institute (CHIPSI) offered every summer in Beijing and Shanghai, which brings together students from around the world to learn about intellectual property and the Chinese legal system.