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Buzz Scherr and Former Student Team Up To Create NH Voter Rights App

Buzz Scherr and Former Student Team Up To Create NH Voter Rights App

Professor Albert "Buzz" Scherr, in his role as a board member of the New Hampshire Civil Liberties Union, has created, with the help of Eman Pahlevani JD '12, the "You Can't Stop Me: Voter App" to provide New Hampshire residents with the resources they need to protect their voting rights.

"Our goal is to give the confused voter a tool to help in sorting (photo ID and registration requirements) out so they don't just turn around and leave," Scherr told the Portsmouth Herald. "We think that voters have a degree of uncertainty and confusion about what they can and can't do. They'll feel intimidated or hassled enough in some way, and they're just going to decide not to go vote. We don't want that to happen."

To create the app, Scherr worked closely with Eman Pahlevani JD '12, who created the personal safety and crime reporting app CrimePush last year (see the UNH Law magazine for a cover story on Eman and CrimePush). Pahlevani was a student in Scherr’s Criminal Procedure class as CrimePush was being launched and the two discussed other options for the software platform.

As Scherr told The New Hampshire, the app is particularly tailored to students because they are the heaviest smartphone users and because they seem to get hassled more than other voters when they go to the polls: “The law does not require someone to have a N.H. driver’s license or car registration to vote. It only requires them to be domiciled in N.H. at the time they vote, which does not require a declaration that the student intends to permanently reside in N.H.”

To download the free app, visit the iTunes App Store and search: NHCLU voterapp or click here.

WCAX-TV recently profiled Scherr and the voter app:

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