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Leverage your experience with an International Criminal Law and Justice degree.

The globalization of commerce, terrorism, human rights and criminal law over the last thirty years has produced an international criminal law landscape far broader in scope and with a far more complex array of institutional players.  Nations are expanding the reach of their domestic criminal statutes, the International Criminal Court and Special Tribunals have been created, and U.N. conventions, with bi- and multi-lateral treaties, are proliferating.

UNH Law’s International Criminal Law & Justice (ICLJ) program addresses these developments by providing domestic and international professionals and students a specialization in international criminal law. In order to expand the availability of the program, all courses will be offered exclusively online.

The ICLJ program is ideal for practicing lawyers, professionals, students and scholars in diplomatic, criminal justice, military and law enforcement communities around the world.

An LLM degree is offered for those with either a U.S. law degree or the international equivalent; a Master’s degree is offered for non-lawyers. Both degrees will be offered with full- and part-time options, with several start times available per year, starting the summer of 2014.

Transnational law courses—focused on domestic crimes with international implications—will cover issues such as intellectual property crimes, international white-collar crime and cybercrime. Other courses will cover the criminal prosecution of individuals, either domestically or internationally, for human rights violations like human trafficking or genocide, and the complex area of domestic and international counter-terrorism efforts.  With its international perspective, the curriculum is designed for a multi-national audience.

The courses will be taught by full-time UNH Law faculty and select adjunct faculty with significant practical expertise in the field. UNH Law has a global reputation for teaching professionals and students about international law in an academically rigorous, supportive and collaborative learning environment.

Summer Semester: Registration closes May 19, 2014 | Classes begin May 26, 2014

Fall Semester: Registration closes August 10, 2014 | Classes begin August 25, 2014

ICLJ courses:

Full-time faculty

  • Comparative Criminal Justice Systems
  • International Criminal Law Survey
  • The International Criminal Court & The Special Tribunals
  • Intellectual Property Crimes
  • Piracy & Terrorism
  • CyberCrimes
  • International White-Collar Crimes
  • Drug Trafficking & Money Laundering
  • Human Trafficking
  • International Legal Research
  • Capstone Research Project
Scherr, Buzz

Albert E. (Buzz) Scherr
Chair, International Criminal Law and Justice Programs
Professor of Law

Harrison, Keith

Keith M. Harrison
Professor of Law

Zago, Susan

Susan Drisko Zago
Assistant Professor of Law

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