University of New Hampshire

School of Law

Summer Study Programs

The University of New Hampshire School of Law, a leader in Intellectual Property education in the United States, will offer two academic programs in the summer of 2014:

  1. The Intellectual Property Summer Institute, held in Concord, NH, from May 27–June 20
  2. The Advanced Patent Law Institute, held in Concord, NH from May 27-June 8

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ALL PROGRAMS are approved by the American Bar Association and open to ALL law students, graduate students and legal professionals. The course offerings are the most comprehensive of all such programs and taught by a seasoned faculty with a wealth of experience.

Those choosing to attend a summer program can earn a total of six credits in a four-week span.

CLINIC PROGRAMS for UNH Law IL, 2L, and LLM and Master's Students

Have you thought about taking a clinic during the summer?

This is what is being offered this summer for a 10 week term, from May 19-July 25, 2014.

  • Consumer and Commercial Law Clinic
  • Criminal Practice Clinic
  • Intellectual Property and Transaction Clinic

Registration starts April 1, 2014. Please register by May 1.  Lotteries will then be conducted for overenrolled classes.

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