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What can a graduate degree do for you?


  • Identifies you as a specialist
  • Gives you expertise credentials
  • It keeps you up-to-date in the latest area of the law
  • It allows you to expand to a new profession
  • Gives you heightened job opportunities and a greater earning capacity
  • Makes you global
  • Gives you opportunities to network and create long-term global contacts
  • Gives you additional Bar options

Employers have long known that hiring our graduates is an excellent investment because they do not need extensive and expensive years of mentoring and on-the-job-education.

The wide variety of career opportunities in IP goes far beyond being a lawyer or corporate IP counsel.

IP professionals include:

  • Patent agents
  • Technical specialists
  • Licensing executives
  • Consultants

IP experts in:

  • Business
  • Science
  • Education
  • International development environments

The University of New Hampshire School of Law offers LL.M. and Master degrees in three important significant and fast-growing areas of the law: Intellectual Property, Commerce and Technology, and International Criminal Law and Justice.

The Franklin Pierce Center for Intellectual Property believes that the combination of an excellent academic IP education with a wide spectrum of practice-based courses and opportunities provides our graduates with a significant competitive advantage.

Helpful Resources in Considering IP Law Careers

UNH Law Professor Emeritus Thomas G. Field, Jr. has created several guides to help students evaluate their career options in intellectual property: