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Legal Career Tool Kit – How to Research Clerkships

Federal Judicial Clerkships

  • Only open to 3Ls in the top of the class
  • Deadline for applications is the day after Labor Day.
  • has useful links. The author of the site has written a comprehensive book, copies of which are available in the Career Services office.

Why you need to know about OSCAR (Online System for Clerkship Application and Review)

  • Enables applicants to file complete applications, including letters of recommendation online
  • Applicants designate judges to whom they which to apply
  • Majority of federal judges participate

Fast facts about OSCAR

  • Self assign user name and password at
  • All submissions must be in .pdf format
  • A grade sheet is a typed sheet with your classes and grades on it – do not try to load an official transcript
  • All the University of New Hampshire School of Law faculty and adjunct faculty have been loaded onto OSCAR to be used as recommenders
  • Site is user-friendly and the help desk is open 8:30 am – 5 pm every day

State Judicial Clerkships

  • nly open to 3Ls
  • State clerkships in many areas are much less competitive than federal clerkships. Speak to a career counselor for more information.
  • The New Jersey Courts hire clerks throughout the academic year. Several alumni have been successful in securing employment with the state court of New Jersey (even as late as May). The court hires over 300 clerks annually.

How to find a state clerkship

  • Deadline for applications vary, each judge is different. Check the state websites for hiring information.
  • Career Services will be having resume collections for various state court clerkships. Some states accept clerkship applications as early as July 1. If you want to apply on your own, please feel free to do so.
  • The State Clerkship Guide (contact Career Services for login information) has information about each state's courts.
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