University of New Hampshire

School of Law

Advanced International Technology Transfer Institute Clinic

The ITTI Clinical provides real-world patent landscape analyses and also projects on advancing innovation, intellectual property management and technology transfer within the context of international development. For patent landscape projects, students must understand complex biotechnological applications, in either health or agriculture, to conduct organized patent database mining. Students work individually, or in teams and are expected to be proactive, diligent and creative. Data are assembled into a final work product that is delivered to a client organization. A semester's activities are in three phases: (1) Technology Analysis/Dissection and Patent Search, (2) Patent Document Analysis and Coding, (3) Report Drafting. During weekly meetings each student is required to participate in class and report on implementation of these tasks. Students are required to participate in setting the strategy and assigned tasks for the following week. Grading is based on many factors, including: analytical skills in the areas of law, science and informatics, attendance, participation, teamwork, flexibility, ingenuity, communication skills (oral and written), online searching skills, organization, ability to manipulate data, punctuality and professionalism. For projects focusing on advancing innovation, intellectual property management and technology transfer in developing countries, students work on projects that contribute to establishing institutional capacity in innovation management in developing countries, either through capacity building or by policy, development, and/or intellectual property analysis. Student projects are expected to yield scholarly, peer-reviewed publications. Grading is based on overall performance during the semester, including, but not limited to, research, analysis and a written final report.

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