University of New Hampshire

School of Law

Advanced Patent Law Seminar

The America Invents Act (AIA) is the most significant reform of US patent law in over sixty years. It brings in its wake numerous procedural changes that will transform how patent attorneys approach their filing and litigation strategies, in addition to difficulties that are certain to arise due to the continuing application of the current patent law. Case law from the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC), which has exclusive jurisdiction over patent cases emanating from all the district courts, already illustrate some of the issues that the AIA is likely to give rise to. Following the implementation of the AIA, the CAFC will have an even greater influence over the development of patent jurisprudence. This course will examine some of the more significant changes under the AIA through the use of statutory interpretation and in-depth analysis of CAFC case precedents. It will complement the existing doctrinal patent law courses and develop students' awareness of the intricacies of patent practice as well as their skills in statutory analysis and case law interpretation.

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