University of New Hampshire

School of Law

Conflict of Laws

This is an introductory course in Conflicts of Law. In our complicated and ever shrinking world, the power of different bodies to make or administer law is often unclear. And even when there is clarity, law-making powers frequently overlap. Thus, conflicts arise, and a way is needed to resolve them. Broadly speaking, this is the subject matter of Conflicts of Law.

This course will focus on ensuring that students have a sound understanding of the basic model for choice of law and its underlying theories. This is the subject of part I of the casebook, which covers chapters 1-3. We will cover all of this material. In the time remaining, we shall cover Chapter 8 – International Conflicts – because many of the students will be taking the course to supplement their understanding of international law. Conflicts of Law is often a bar course, so intense study of the topics covered in chapters 1-3 should prove very helpful in terms of bar preparation.

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