University of New Hampshire

School of Law

Fundamentals of Law Practice

The goals of this three-credit course are:

1. To expose students to the excitement and challenges of working with individual clients; and

2. To develop crucial lawyering skills, including, interviewing, counseling and the use of facts, statutes and cases in legal analysis.

The course will be team taught and use simulated exercises (one criminal and one civil) to advance students' writing and analytical capacities and to teach practical skills. You will be assigned to a section taught and graded by one of the teachers.

This course will be different from most of your previous law school classes in that our main goal is for you to gain an understanding of the lawyering process and not to learn a body of doctrine. The class structure will thus necessarily be more experiential and less doctrinal.

Grading will also be somewhat different due to the class structure. Your grade will be based on overall class performance (50%) and several written pleadings and papers (50%). We will base the class grade on a number of factors, including the care with which you approach the brief written assignments submitted in conjunction with class exercises, your performance in the simulations and the level of your contributions to classroom discussion. This should allow students many different ways to demonstrate their abilities.

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