University of New Hampshire

School of Law

Intellectual Property & International Trade

The rapid development of international trade and information technologies makes it increasingly important for lawyers to understand the international aspects of practicing international property law, particularly copyrights, trademarks and patents. Books, music and movies uploaded on the Internet are instantaneously available around the globe. Many modern products (e.g. computers, televisions and phones) involving multiple patents and trademarks are developed in one country, assembled in another county, and marketed worldwide. Intellectual property clients often need to engage in international licensing transactions, and enforce their rights against foreign parties domestically or overseas. This course will provide a survey of cross-border legal issues that lawyers are generally faced with counseling clients on intellectual property and international trade. The course will introduce the basic contours of international principles, treaties and institutions regarding intellectual property, including significant substantive and procedural differences between the United States and other countries of the world.

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