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Stanley Kowalski (at rear left) with a group of Argentinian IP professionalsA Global Think Tank with a Broad Spectrum of Tools & Strategies

The ITTI Think Tank is a collection of highly trained academics and professionals that includes full time ITTI Staff, a global network of Franklin Pierce Law Center/UNH School of Law alumni and an engaged corps of law and graduate students. Working with the best and brightest students from around the world is a key strategic goal of ITTI. These students can work on a range of projects:

  • Working with ITTI professors on independent studies  
  • Working with ITTI paid by grants and consultancies  
  • Working with ITTI for career enhancement as Research Associates and Fellows

ITTI provides solutions to complex projects including tech transfer capacity, IP development & policy, patent informatics, and more. Entrepreneurial in nature, ITTI works on a wide range of projects serving both internal and external constituencies. ITTI individualizes its activities to meet the needs of:

  • Private sector institutions  
  • Public sector institutions  
  • Universities  
  • Funding organizations  
  • Philanthropic foundations  
  • International development institutions  
  • Non-governmental organizations (NGOs)  
  • Government and other organizations seeking to encourage advances in health and agriculture for developing countries