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Stanley Kowalski (at rear left) with a group of Argentinian IP professionalsA Global Think Tank with a Broad Spectrum of Tools & Strategies

The ITTI Think Tank is a collection of highly trained academics and professionals that includes full time ITTI Staff, a global network of Franklin Pierce Law Center/UNH School of Law alumni and an engaged corps of law and graduate students. Working with the best and brightest students from around the world is a key strategic goal of ITTI. These students can work on a range of projects:

  • In the ITTI Clinic for academic credit
  • Working with ITTI professors on independent studies
  • Working with ITTI paid by grants and consultancies
  • Working with ITTI for career enhancement as Research Associates and Fellows

ITTI provides solutions to complex projects including tech transfer capacity, IP development & policy, patent informatics, and more. Entrepreneurial in nature, ITTI works on a wide range of projects serving both internal and external constituencies. ITTI individualizes its activities to meet the needs of:

  • Private sector institutions
  • Public sector institutions
  • Universities
  • Funding organizations
  • Philanthropic foundations
  • International development institutions
  • Non-governmental organizations (NGOs)
  • Government and other organizations seeking to encourage advances in health and agriculture for developing countries

The ITTI Clinics

Global Innovation Development Clinic

A sampling of the types of projects this Clinic works on includes:

  • Preliminary discussions towards building IP management and technology transfer capacity in Colombia, to advance innovation in that country
  • Forging linkages with various departments of the U.S. Federal Government to advance innovation and knowledge resource capabilities in developing countries
  • Develop strategies and propose options for advancing innovation and foster sustainable development in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Analyzing global IP regimes that will impact access, research and development of natural resources critical for the next generation of biofuels
  • Assembling detailed reports on innovative developing countries in order to formulate strategic options for advancing IP, tech transfer and innovation
  • Assisting WIPO with its Global IP Development Agenda
  • Writing several "think books" on university innovation and technology transfer in China and India, especially the applicability of the Bayh-Dole Act model.

Patent Landscape Analysis Clinic (Basic & Advanced)

The International Technology Transfer Institute Patent Landscape Analysis Clinic provides instruction in professional skills related to the various responsibilities that patent lawyers will encounter when preparing patent landscape analysis search reports in the biotechnological fields.  ITTI clinical projects predominantly focus on health and agricultural innovations relevant to the needs of developing countries, for example HIV vaccines and advanced innovations in crop biotechnology; in this context, projects operationally address intellectual property management as it relates to the global public interest.

Students learn practical skills for effective participation in interdisciplinary teams working at the intersection of law and technology.  In addition, students learn basic approaches to interviewing and counseling the organizations the ITTI serves, promoting the skill of preventative lawyering. Research results generated during the semester culminate in a graded work product that helps client organizations make informed decisions regarding intellectual property relating to biotechnology, including options and strategies for effective management, protection and/or licensing, in order to facilitate the mission, goals and objectives of these organizations.

The ITTI Clinic size is limited to eight students. If necessary, selection will be based on statements of interest and resumes to assess research capability, writing skills, and breadth of patent law background. Students are often recruited, with faculty members referring prospective candidates. Early inquiries are strongly encouraged.  The ITTI Clinic is a 4-credit course, with two class time credits and two clinical credits (comprising research, analysis and writing, under the supervision of Professors Jon Cavicchi and Dr. Stanley Kowalski). The class meets once per week. Students are required to attend every class.

The Patent Landscape Educational Reports Series
Since 2006, ITTI has provided innovative patent landscape analyses for developing countries, in health and agricultural research projects. Representative projects include work with the Public Intellectual Property Resource for Agriculture (PIPRA) to illustrate and clarify patent landscapes relevant to improved sweet potato cultivars for use in Africa and vaccine technologies to prevent HIV/AIDS. PIPRA supports agricultural innovation for both humanitarian and small-scale commercial purposes. They bring together intellectual property from over 40 universities, public agencies, and non-profit institutes and help make their technologies available to innovators around the world. Other topics in the Report Series include:

  • Ubiquitin promoters
  • Agrobacterium and Sweet Potatoes
  • Bacillus thuringiensis and Sweet Potatoes
  • HIV DNA Vaccines: Proteins & Peptide Strategies, DNA Strategies, Prime Boost Strategies & Adjuvant Strategies
  • Dengue Fever: Diagnostic & Vaccine Technologies
  • Telemedicine Technologies
  • Biomedical Engineering : Prosthetic Limb Technologies
  • Patent Status of the Updated WHO Essential Medicines List
  • Genetic Modification of Algae for Biodiesel
  • Chagas Disease VaccineTechnologies
  • Maleria Sporozoite Vaccine Technologies

About ITTI Patent Landscape Analysis
ITTI has developed an innovative, iterative approach to patent landscape analysis and patent explorations that was specifically designed to address the difficulties of conducting such tasks in developing countries. ITTI works with its clients to tailor its analyses to a client’s needs. ITTI patent landscape superior search reports include the following:

  • Multi-platform database searches
  • Patent and non-patent literature searches
  • Broad and thorough searches
  • Global searches
  • Focus on public sector institutions

Patent landscape analyses can be used by clients:

  • To assess the value of pursuing a particular project before investing significant resources
  • To assess where a product can be deployed
  • To provide background information to support grant applications
  • As guidance for research and development strategic planning efforts
  • As a foundation for future freedom-to-operate analyses
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