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Studying IP at UNH Law

We believe in a multidisciplinary approach to IP education. The programming at the Franklin Pierce Center for IP offers students the practical experience needed to handle innovation in today's complex environment and trains them to better manage critical business issues and deal with emerging challenges in law, technology and global commerce. And our longstanding global reputation and worldwide alumni network open doors for Franklin Pierce Center for IP students.

UNH Law Moves up 23 Positions in the U.S. News Rankings
And Makes the Top 10 for IP Law Again

- Mar 2013

A Pioneer in Practice-Based Education

The University of New Hampshire School of Law was founded with the goal of graduating well-educated IP lawyers with solid practice-based skills. Our goal has long been to produce graduates who operate at the level of a second- or third-year law firm associate.

Practice-based IP education is a cornerstone of the Franklin Pierce Center for IP. We offer one of the most extensive and intensive intellectual property curriculums in the U.S. In addition, our formal classes are supplemented by a number of practice-based experiences:

  • Independent studies (for credit)
  • An Intellectual Property Transaction Clinic
  • Externships at major firms, companies, and organizations throughout the country (for credit)
  • Conferences, institutes, and master classes with prominent members of the IP profession
  • Guest lectures, including those offered during extended formal and informal visits by IP judges, government officials and practitioners
  • Continuing legal education programs (primarily designed for practitioners)
  • Editing IDEA: The Intellectual Property Law Review, a leading IP law review (for credit)
  • National and international moot court competitions (for credit)

Successful IP Alumni in Over 80 Countries

The Franklin Pierce Center for IP has a long history of educating global IP professionals. From the U.S. to Europe, China, Taiwan, South Korea, India, Latin America and Africa, students come from around the globe, and alumni occupy all arenas of the IP profession:

  • Top-ranked IP law firms
  • High-level corporate IP counsel in world giants, such as Microsoft, Samsung, etc.
  • Officials at government agencies, such as the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
  • Clerks in courts, including the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, the highest IP appeals court below the Supreme Court
  • Policy makers at a wide range of influential non-governmental organizations, such as the World Intellectual Property Office
  • Professors at law and undergraduate schools
  • Licensing professionals
  • Successful consultants

When you graduate from the Franklin Pierce Center for IP at UNH Law, you are part of a community that is full of networking, resources and career opportunities. Alumni want to help each other: They know the success of one enhances the success of the whole.

A Faculty With Global Experience

The Franklin Pierce Center for IP has one of the largest full time resident IP faculties in the United States, supplemented by a substantial contingent of domestic and foreign adjuncts. UNH Law has long attracted high-profile global IP leaders to teach courses both during the academic year as well as during the innovative Intellectual Property Summer Institute.

Our intellectual property faculty brings to the school a wealth of experience and expertise in applied research and pioneering legal education:

  • Depth: one of the largest full-time resident IP faculties in the world, with experience as academics, transactional lawyers, litigators, corporate counsel, and information professionals. Plus dozens of globally-renowned adjunct faculty in numerous specialty IP practice areas.
  • Experience: Several IP faculty are members of the United States Patent Bar; several have practiced in top-tier law firms around the world.
  • Visibility: Many IP faculty members regularly travel around the globe to teach law students, IP lawyers and management professionals, speak at academic conferences and work with NGOs, individual governments and multi-lateral IP organizations.
  • Expertise: Our IP faculty are widely published in law reviews, casebooks, treatises, reports, websites and blogs.
  • Accessibility: Our IP Faculty are committed to educating students and ensuring their professional success. They participate in a wide range of student activities, including acting as moot court judges, mentoring law review editors, and maintaining the intimate community of scholars that has long been our hallmark.

A Vibrant Intellectual Community

Students at the Franklin Pierce Center for IP are a diverse group, coming from colleges and universities from dozens of countries around the globe, with a wide range of academic and professional experiences.

Many hold advanced degrees in engineering, science, technology and business. Patent lawyers who practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office require technical degrees. Those IP students who choose not to practice before the USPTO hold degrees in a wide range of non-technical areas. This mix of students creates an intellectually challenging and rewarding experience.

Graduate students at the Franklin Pierce Center for IP often include foreign IP lawyers, corporate professionals, government officials & policy makers, leaders of NGOs, and international academics. This provides all of our students with the opportunity to benefit from a diverse community of cultures and perspectives.

Because of its cultural and academic diversity, the Franklin Pierce Center for IP offers a wide range of IP events, including guest speakers, workshops, conferences & symposia, as well as many cultural celebrations. We also have a rich tradition of events led by IP student organizations, including the Sports & Entertainment Law Society and the Student Intellectual Property Law Association.

Unique Academic Resources

The Intellectual Property Library at UNH Law is the only academic IP Library in the Western Hemisphere. The IP Library maintains an extensive collection that covers US, foreign, and international intellectual property titles, and spans 300 years of intellectual property scholarship. It is a depository of publications by the World Intellectual Property Organization and also receives all significant publications of the Patent and Trademark and Copyright Offices, as a GPO Depository Library.

We also host the award-winning IP Mall website, which provides an invaluable online resource for intellectual property research and scholarship, as well as current news and legal developments in intellectual property law. This site is visited millions of times a year.

The IP Library is administered by the only law school in the United States with an IP professor specializing in IP research tools and strategies as well as patent informatics. Professor Jon Cavicchi is the intellectual property librarian who teaches numerous IP research courses as well as acting as director of research for the International Technology Transfer Institute.

Other academic resources at UNH School of Law include IDEA: The Intellectual Property Law Review, one of the oldest and most respected IP journals in the United States.

Helpful Resources in Considering IP Law Careers

UNH Law Professor Emeritus Thomas G. Field, Jr. has created several guides to help students evaluate their career options in intellectual property: