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UNH Law Freezes Tuition for 2011-2012 Academic Year

The University of New Hampshire School of Law has approved a tuition freeze for the coming 2011-2012 academic year.

According to John Broderick, Dean of UNH School of Law, “The decision to hold the line on tuition increases is a significant step toward improving the value proposition of law school in these challenging times. Given the current economic climate and the debt loads that law school graduates are facing, a tuition freeze is one very tangible way to demonstrate our commitment to our students.”

A tuition freeze is uncommon in today’s higher education landscape. Law schools have typically raised tuition rates between 4 percent and 12 percent annually.

Susan Richey, associate dean of the law school, said, “We are committed to providing a top-quality legal education to the broadest possible range of students. By bucking this trend of ever-increasing law school tuition, we expect to attract even more students interested in our pioneering, practice-ready curriculum.”

The Board of Trustees of UNH School of Law approved the tuition freeze during a special session Feb. 21. “I applaud the Board’s willingness to make this difficult decision and put the interests of our students above all other considerations,” Dean Broderick added. “Because of the Board’s careful stewardship of our finances, we are in the position to make this move toward affordability.”

UNH School of Law (formerly known as Pierce Law Center) entered into an affiliation agreement with the University of New Hampshire in August 2010 that will provide students with more academic opportunities in the increasingly complex and interdisciplinary practice of law. UNH School of Law does not receive funding from either the state of New Hampshire or from the University System of New Hampshire. Tuition at UNH School of Law for the current year, and for next year, is $39,900.

Both schools are in the process of developing joint degree programs that will capitalize on the law school’s expertise in intellectual property and technology commercialization and the strength of UNH’s science and engineering and business colleges. The initial joint degree programs, such as a JD/MBA, are likely to begin in the fall of 2011.

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