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UNH Law Prof. Keith Harrison appointed to Department of Defense’s Code Committee

Keith M. Harrison, professor at the University of New Hampshire School of Law, has just been appointed to the Defense Department’s Code Committee, which reports to Congress on the administration of justice in the military. He will serve a three-year term beginning this month.

Prof. Harrison, who teaches and researches in the areas of Criminal Procedure, Criminal Law, Immigration Law, Military Criminal Law, and Race and the Law, began his career as a judge advocate in the U.S Coast Guard. He is also the director of UNH Law's International Criminal Law and Justice graduate program.Keith Harrison

“I am looking forward to serving the needs of the men and women who defend our country in uniform,” he said.

The appointment is a recognition of Prof. Harrison’s expertise, experience and wisdom in military criminal law, said UNH School of Law's Dean Emeritus, John Hutson, a retired United States Navy rear admiral and former Judge Advocate General of the Navy.

“The Uniform Code of Military Justice is a marvelous system of justice, dedicated to ensuring good order, discipline and fairness in the Armed Forces,” said Hutson. “But like any legal code, it needs to be periodically scrutinized to ensure that it reflects current needs.”

In appointing Prof. Harrison, Jeh Charles Johnson, general counsel of the Department of Defense, praised his “distinguished record of scholarship in criminal law” and his “practical experiences with the military justice system.”