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Recent media appearances, publications, and presentations

Buzz Scherr

Albert (Buzz) Scherr was on both NHPR's Exchange and Word of Mouth shows this week to discuss a new app being introduced by the NHCLU called the "You Can't Stop Me Voter's Rights App." He was interviewed by WMUR-TV and the Valley News on how the Supreme Court's recent Miller decision could affect the case of convicted killer Robert Tulloch. He also appeared with Arnie Arnesen on WHNH to discuss the controversy about Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin's "legitimate rape" comment.

John Greabe

John Greabe was on the Exchange recently to discuss civic education and constitutional literacy, in conjunction with the upcoming "Constitutionally Speaking" series. He also appeared on WMUR-TV to comment on recent remarks by a candidate for Hillsborough County Sheriff. Earlier last month, he was also on the Exchange to discuss current debates over the separation of church and state.

Michael McCann

Visiting Professor Michael McCann recent published two columms at Ed O'Bannon expands NCAA Lawsuit and Overturning of Bounty Suspensions backs Roger Goodell in a Corner. He also recently appeared on NPR's Only a Game to discuss the NFL bounty case.

Erin Corcoran

Erin Corcoran was quoted in the Concord Monitor in their coverage of last week's talk at UNH Law by prison privatization expert Caroline Isaacs.

Mary W. S. Wong

Mary Wong presented at Stanford Law School's annual IP Scholars' Conference last month. Her paper, "Imperatives of Private Arbitration on International IP Disputes," was co-authored with Jacqueline Lipton from the Univ. of Houston Law Center. She is also participating in an international trademark scholars' conference at American University in DC. Later this fall, Mary will assume a new position at ICANN, moving from the Generic Names Supporting Organization to the Council for the Country-Code Names Supporting Organization (ccNSO), which develops policy for country-code domain names.

Jiarui Liu

Jiarui Liu also presented a paper (titled "Copyright Complements") at the Stanford IP Scholars' Conference.

Margaret Sova McCabe

Margaret Sova McCabe discussed "Regulatory Hurdles to Practicing an Ancestral Diet" at the Ancestral Health Symposium 2012 in Cambridge, MA.

Christopher Frerking

Christopher Frerking and Mary Wong attended the ATRIP annual meeting this summer in Chicago. ATRIP is the International Association for the Advancement of Teaching and Research in Intellectual Property.

Gordon V. Smith

Gordon V. Smith presented at the WIPO Summer School on Intellectual Property in Mexico City, talking about "IP in Mergers and Acquisitions" and "Intellectual Property and Competition Policy". He also addressed a meeting of AIPPI Mexico, and spoke at a reception at the University Club of Mexico.

Thomas G. Field, Jr.

Thomas G. Field, Jr. published a new edition of "Fundamentals of Intellectual Property" this summer.

Catherine Bigley McGovern

Catherine Bigley McGovern participated on a panel after Red River Theatre's showing of Frederick Wiseman's "Crazy Horse" to discuss community standards and legislation around the art form known as "burlesque."