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UNH Law Hosts Ethics From Every Angle Workshop

UNH Law Hosts Ethics From Every Angle Workshop

Today, the University of New Hampshire School of Law is hosting a unique gathering of legal scholars who will be discussing current issues in legal ethics from three distinct scholarly approaches: an empirical focus, a normative approach, and a regulatory and disciplinary perspective.

By bringing together scholars with distinct focuses, the resulting conversations should illuminate gaps between the normative goals, the realities of practice, and current regulations.

For example, the invited scholars will examine the topic of lawyer dishonesty from all three perspectives:

  • Normative - How do we define honesty for lawyers and when, if ever, is dishonesty appropriate?
  • Empirical - What do we know about whether, and how, lawyers are dishonest and how they understand their obligations to honesty?
  • Regulatory - How do we encourage honesty through regulation, and how should dishonesty be treated in the disciplinary process?

According to UNH Law professor Kimberly Kirkland, who organized the event, “We will use the work of the empiricists among us as a starting point for the conversations, and then create a discussion about what lawyer's ethics should be, what lawyers actually do in practice, what the rules currently require, and what we might learn from the gaps between the three.”

The Ethics From Every Angle workshop will be recorded in order to produce a series of edited videos which will be made available for free this summer for classroom use. “The aim will be to introduce students to scholarly takes on ethical themes through lively discussions that model the kind of openness to other viewpoints and the capacity for self-reflection that ethical conduct requires,” said Kirkland.

The four sessions will focus on: The Integrity of the Legal System, Transubstantive Legal Ethics, Addressing Lawyer Dishonesty, and The Limits of Zealous Advocacy.
The workshop participants are:

  • W. Bradley Wendel, Professor of Law, Cornell Law School
  • Dr. Kath Hall, Professor of Law, Australian National University
  • Brent Cotter, Schulich Distinguished Visiting Scholar, Schulich School of Law- Dalhousie University
  • Lynn Mather, Professor of Law and Political Science, SUNY Buffalo Law School
  • Patrick Schmidt, Associate Professor of Political Science & Co-Director of Legal Studies, Macalester College
  • John Steele, Attorney at Law & Lecturer, University of California Berkeley School of Law
  • Kimberly Kirkland, Professor of Law, University of New Hampshire School of Law
  • Dana Remus, Professor of Law, University of New Hampshire School of Law
  • Mitchell Simon, Professor of Law, University of New Hampshire School of Law