University of New Hampshire

School of Law

Why UNH Law?

A Close-Knit Learning Environment

Founded in 1973 to encourage innovation in legal education, UNH Law (formerly Franklin Pierce Law Center) has an enrollment of approximately 450. Students study in a close-knit, cooperative environment focused on practice-based and hands-on learning. UNH Law's extensive alumni network in the US and abroad provides countless options for graduates seeking employment.

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Legal services to the under-represented are provided through extensive clinical programs, offering students practical training in the classroom and in court. New Hampshire's only law school, UNH Law has earned worldwide recognition for its programs in the study of intellectual property.

UNH Law is located in Concord, NH, home to the state's legislature, state offices, and local, state and federal courts. Concord is centrally located, just an hour's drive from Boston and New Hampshire's majestic White Mountains, pristine lakes, and Atlantic seacoast.

Strengths and Specialties

UNH Law trains students to "think like a lawyer." The first-year consists of a sequence of basic intellect-training courses: Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Property and Torts, but we also systematically integrate these with the practical skills involved in lawyering. Legal Skills introduces you to general legal concepts, practical skills, and study methodology. You will also select an elective in your second semester.

Concentrations can help shape your future, allowing you to gain expertise in one or more fields of the law. A number of pre-determined concentrations are offered, but recent graduates also have created their own in areas such as admiralty, immigration, construction litigation, and international dispute resolution.

UNH Law offers JD concentrations in:

  • Business Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Intellectual Property: Patent Law
  • Intellectual Property: Trademarks, Copyrights, Sports & Entertainment Law
  • Litigation
  • Public Policy & Social Justice

In addition, our master's degree programs bridge law, technology and management.

Focus on: General Practice and Criminal Law

UNH Law's practice-ready focus and flexible curriculum allow students to gain a wide breadth of experience, preparing them for the challenges of general practice. Its criminal law concentration prepares students for careers as public defenders, private defense lawyers, prosecutors, or lawyers in the corrections system. The Criminal Practice Clinic allows students to represent clients in real court cases, working under the direct supervision of a professor who is an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Legal residencies also allow students to gain real experience in the criminal justice system, within New Hampshire and across the country.

Focus on: IP

UNH Law's intellectual property curriculum, taught by the largest full-time IP faculty in the US, provides the most in-depth advanced course of study in IP available in the world. Students have numerous opportunities to acquire practical experience, in the full spectrum of intellectual property law specialties, through the extensive and advanced curriculum. Besides the unparalleled curriculum, UNH Law's IP Law Library is the largest IP resource in the Western Hemisphere. The Student Intellectual Property Law Association (SIPLA), the International Intellectual Property Organization (IIPO) and the Licensing Executives Society are among the school's most active and influential student organizations. UNH Law is also home to the top IP law journal, IDEA: The Intellectual Property Law Review.

Focus on: Public Policy & Social Justice

At UNH Law, social justice and public interest law are synonymous with advocating for, assisting, and empowering underserved and vulnerable populations. Our Rudman Center inspires and equips students to pursue careers in public interest law. Students in this field are eligible for scholarships and fellowships, including stipends for summer jobs or internships in the public interest. UNH Law also features a Loan Repayment Assistance Program for graduates who take low-paying public interest law jobs.

Focus on: Business & Technology

UNH Law's innovative commerce and technology law curriculum emphasizes real-world problems and issues. The Consumer and Commercial Clinic, operated as a small firm to familiarize students with many of the practice management systems used by firms throughout the country, gives students practical, hands-on experience with electronic case filing in bankruptcy proceedings and online search procedures for trademark, copyright and USPTO proceedings. In addition, UNH Law offers a dual JD/MBA degree, which students may earn in just 3 and a half years.

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