University of New Hampshire

School of Law

LLM, Master’s & Diploma Admissions – January Enrollment

We are one of the few law schools in the United States where you can start an LLM or Master program midterm in January.  In a time of delayed career opportunities for intellectual property professionals in US law firms, make yourself more attractive by upgrading your credentials by completing an LLM degree. Come now to complete a LLM program, and be ready to jump into the career arena with a degree that sets you apart with your expertise in intellectual property.

  • Degree can be completed in one calendar year.
  • Smaller, more intimate classes.
  • More customized educational experience.
  • Externships opportunities available to create practical experience.
  • Intellectual Property Summer Institute included in program.
  • Interdisciplinary curriculum.
  • Competitive employment advantage.

For more information, email or call (603) 513-5284.

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