Consumer Information - Transfer of Credit


Requests to engage in course work or programs for credit toward the Juris Doctor degree under the supervision and control of an approved law school other than UNH Franklin Pierce are governed by this rule. Note that subdivision J states the applicability of this rule to summer work at another approved law school.


Approval of programs governed by this rule for courses taken during the fall and/or spring semesters shall be obtained in advance from the Assistant Dean of Students. A student seeking such approval shall have a minimum overall 2.5 GPA, submit an application in writing, including a detailed description of the proposed program and a specific statement of the basis upon which the program is sought. Students basing their request on compelling personal circumstances must be in good academic standing or have permission of the Academic Standing committee. Applications should be submitted as early as possible, preferably during the semester preceding the semester in which the proposed program is elected. The application and approval process must be completed before the beginning of the semester for which the visitorship is sought. A student may not seek a visitorship and an externship in two consecutive semesters.


Applications for permission to undertake a program for credit under this rule may be granted on either of two (2) bases:

(1) The presence of compelling personal circumstances which are beyond the applicant’s control and which were not existent at the time the applicant enrolled at UNH Franklin Pierce. Separation from one’s present or prospective spouse or domestic partner is not itself a compelling circumstance.
(2) The pursuit of a feasible and specific educational program of substantial importance to the applicant’s demonstrated career objectives, which program or its substantial equivalent is unavailable at UNH Franklin Pierce. A feasible program must be at a minimum, actually available to the applicant and manageable in terms of the applicant’s background.


A student who receives approval of a proposed program must submit to the Assistant Dean of Students written evidence of acceptance at the law school where the program is to be completed. In addition, the rules governing the transfer of credits found in subdivisions E through H of this rule toward the degree must be satisfied.


A student engaged in programs at law schools other than UNH Franklin Pierce will be required to pay such fees for administration and tuition as UNH Franklin Pierce may establish.

The second basis as noted in B(2) is academic. Sometimes a student’s long-term career plans involve a course of study or courses not available at UNH Franklin Pierce. Examples could include maritime law or communications law. When a student lays out a feasible plan of study and shows written acceptance by the other law school, as well as enrollment approval for the particular courses the student wishes to take, approval may be granted.

Students making application under either B(1) or (2) of this rule need to make financial arrangements with both schools.


Where transfer credit is sought for a course, the satisfactory completion of which is required for UNH Franklin Pierce’s degree, the content of such course must be substantially the equivalent of the corresponding course in UNH Franklin Pierce’s curriculum, and the hours of credit for such courses must be not less than one (1) hour less than the credit hours granted for the corresponding course at UNH Franklin Pierce. To obtain credit for elective or required courses, a grade of C or better must be earned, as determined under subdivision H of this rule. Students transferring into UNH Franklin Pierce are required to complete 4 semesters of residency. No more than 30 credits will be accepted from an ABA approved law school for transfer to UNH Franklin Pierce.


Where transfer credit is sought for an offering, the satisfactory completion of which is not required for UNH Franklin Pierce’s degree, the contents of the offering must be such as would be approved for inclusion in UNH Franklin Pierce’s curriculum.


The allowable transfer credit shall be the credit granted by the school at which the credit is earned, irrespective of whether UNH Franklin Pierce allows more or less credit for a substantially similar course. However, where the credit is for a course required for UNH Franklin Pierce’s degree, the transfer credit shall not exceed one (1) credit hour more than the credit hours for the corresponding course at UNH Franklin Pierce.


In every case, including the application of subdivisions E and F of this rule, the grade earned and the number of hours completed must be transposed into terms; that is, UNH Franklin Pierce’s letter-grade system and semester hour computation. The conversion will be conducted according to the most accepted method applicable in the particular case.


A student who has been accepted by UNH Franklin Pierce’s Admissions Committee as a transfer student to UNH Franklin Pierce from another approved law school may receive advance standing from the Assistant Dean of Students for courses taken at that law school. The requirements of subdivisions E through H of this rule will be applied in making advance standing determinations.


Students may receive credit for summer or other courses at other approved law schools provided advance approval is given by the Assistant Dean of Students. The requirements of subdivisions E through H of this rule apply to transfer credit for such summer courses except that grades below C shall not be accepted for transfer, are not shown on the transcript and will not count in the student’s GPA. (Revised 3/4/2010)

Summer credits will transfer as letter grades unless the student notifies the Registrar within the required time period that the student plans to take the offering(s) Pass/Fail.

Rule X B does not apply to this subdivision.