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The UNH Franklin Pierce IT department provides multiple levels of IT support for all users on the Concord campus. Located in room 301, or you can Request IT Support.

IT Support for Students, Faculty and Staff

The University of New Hampshire Franklin Pierce School of Law's Information Technology department strives to keep up with the ever-changing world of higher education technology. Student, Faculty, and Staff feedback is an essential component to our existence as we continue to adapt to our user's constantly changing needs. We try extremely hard to integrate all of the functional technology that is possible, by providing our users with as many technological resources as we can.

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UNH Franklin Pierce Calendar 

The University of New Hampshire Franklin Pierce School of Law has a campus-wide wired and wireless network, through which internet access is afforded to all students, faculty, staff, and guests. We use Microsoft O365 for student e-Mail and calendaring.

While we do not require students to own a laptop, it is practically a must for anyone attending classes here. We do have a computer area in the library known as the Corral which houses a limited number of Windows-based PC's and printers that are dedicated for student use. For e-mail and internal web-browsing purposes, we offer four dedicated terminals throughout the main building.

Please visit the UNH Computer Purchasing Program for our most currently recommended configurations and academic discounts.

We strive to offer support to all students and faculty/staff when it comes to using their preferred computing platform and therefore support virtually all modern versions of Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Our exam software (EBB) requires the use of either Mac OS or Microsoft Windows (sorry, no Linux, iOS, Android, or Windows RT). (See EBB section below.)

We do charge a fee for student printing at a cost of 10 cents per printed page (15 cents duplexed), using Cat's Cache. If you wish to print from your laptop you must install our student printing client from the Downloads section below (Linux users must be configured for student printing by the IT department).

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the UNH Franklin Pierce Information Technology office via  Information Technology support.

UNH Franklin Pierce Pharos Student Printing System Installers

WARNINGThese installers can be downloaded from off-site; However, they will NOT work unless you are on the UNH School of Law network. You cannot install our printing software from off-site!


As part of the integration of UNH Franklin Pierce into the University of New Hampshire, the UNH Police Department assumes the public safety responsibility on campus.

The UNH Alert System provides rapid communication with community members in the event of an emergency of any type, such as:

  • Weather delays
  • School cancellations through cell phone text messaging and/or e-mail 
  • An on-campus crime in progress
  • Federally required Clery Act notifications for all campus locations

Please note – the UNH Alert system does not send voice messages to your telephone.

The UNH Alert System requires community members to opt in

Students, faculty, and staff who choose not to do so will have to consult the law school website or WMUR to learn about school cancellations or curtailed operations. 

Registration is a quick process and will provide you with a fast, reliable, way of being notified about on campus emergencies and curtailed operations for the law school and, if desired, alerts for the Durham and Manchester campus, as well as Granite State College.

Create an account for UNH Alert System 

  1. Click Register to sign up.
  2. When available, in the box that requests your affiliation choose "UNH Law School."

Family members and other interested parties will have to register separately to receive the updates.

Use of Identification

The primary purpose of the UNH ID card is to identify the cardholder as eligible for the various programs and privileges UNH provides. The ID card remains the property of the University. You may be asked to produce it at any time to validate your presence in or access to buildings and programs including meal plans and debit programs. Your UNH ID card is not trans­ferable. A photo ID card will be confiscated when presented by someone other than the owner. Misuse of the card will result in penalties to all parties.

Lost ID Cards

Lost or stolen ID cards should be reported immediately, and replacement ID cards can be requested via the UNH Law IT Office.

You are responsible for any use made of your card until it is reported lost or stolen and suspended. Only the balance of meals, Dining Dollars, Cat’s Cache and guest passes on the card at the time of suspension can be pro­tected. Until your ID is replaced, you will not have access to the balances and privileges encoded on the card. A charge of $25 is made to replace a lost, stolen or mutilated photo ID card. A charge of $15 will be made to replace a lost, stolen or mutilated non-photo dining card.

The Cat’s Cache Program

The Cat’s Cache debit program is a convenient way to make purchases. It is accepted at all UNH Dining locations, the Memorial Union (including the bookstore), Health Services many other campus locations and many businesses in downtown Durham. Cat’s Cache balances carry forward from year to year and are fully refundable. Deposits can be made with cash or check in the Dining ID office, online with a credit or debit card or at one of nine conveniently located Account Management Centers with cash or a credit or debit card. Purchases of alcohol, tobacco, firearms, weapons and any other incendiary and/or destructive devices are prohibited.

We are here to provide technical support and training to faculty, staff, and students on all types of audio and video equipment and various multimedia services. 

By keeping up with new innovations in the audio/video field, we are able to to provide demonstrations and services with the most up-to-date technology.

Services Offered

  • Phone and video conferencing, including Zoom and Teams conferencing
  • Video production services
  • Repair of campus equipment, ranging from projector lamp replacements to major repairs
  • Installation of multimedia equipment in permanent, and non-permanent locations
  • Digitization of noncopyrighted audio/video, TV recordings (for UNH Franklin Pierce use only), and data. The following media formats are accepted: DVD, Dual Layer DVD, CD, miniDV, HDV, VHS, and digital files. This service is on a first-come, first-served basis, as time allows. Minimum 24 hours notice required (longer depending on media requested and current workload).
  • Training and demonstrations on new and old equipment, from classroom technology to equipment you can sign out, as well as assistance with multimedia content and how it can be used in the classroom and on the web.
  • Borrowing of audio/video equipment for recording, presenting, and editing.

More equipment and services are available. For assistance, please fill out a ticket at

CJ Quinn
Learning Space Technology Technician
(603) 513-5177

UNH Franklin Pierce utilizes the Pharos printing suite, which affords our users several manners in which they can submit and/or manage print jobs:

Desktop Printing Client (for students)

Pharos Print Center
Login to the UNH Franklin Pierce Pharos Print Center and use the "Upload" button to upload documents that you wish to print.

Mobile Print App

Print Server address:
Print Server port: 443

All print jobs that get submitted via any of these printing methods can be released at any of our card-swipe accessible Xerox multi-function devices. Print jobs that are not released within 24 hours of being submitted will get automatically purged.

If you experience any difficulty using any of these printing methods, or if you have any questions about printing at UNH Franklin Pierce, please do not hesitate to contact us here.

*Please be aware that the desktop print client is the only option that supports all document formats. All other options are limited to common file formats (PDF, Images, Plain Text, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Visio). Files in non-Microsoft productivity suite formats (i.e. Apple Pages, etc.) must be converted to their respective Microsoft Office equivalent format before being eligible to print.

The purpose of the Acceptable Use Policy for Information Technology Resources at UNH (AUP) is to ensure an information technology (IT) infrastructure that promotes the basic missions of the University in teaching, research, administration, and service. In particular this AUP aims to promote these goals:

  • To ensure the integrity, reliability, availability, and performance of IT resources.
  • To ensure that use of IT resources is consistent with the principles and values that govern use of other University facilities and services.
  • To ensure that IT resources are used for their intended purposes.
  • To establish processes for addressing policy violations and sanctions for those committing violations.


This Policy applies to all users of IT resources, including but not limited to University students, faculty, and staff, and to the use of all IT resources. These include systems, networks, and facilities administered by Information Technology (IT), as well as those administered by individual schools, departments, University laboratories, and other University-based entities. This includes the general public. Use of University IT resources, even when carried out on a privately-owned computer that is not managed or maintained by the University, is governed by this policy (OLPM UNH.VI.F.4.2).

User Responsibility

For complete and up-to-date content please refer to the Acceptable Use Policy for Information Technology Resources at UNH. Users are specifically advised that infringement of copyright laws constitutes a violation of the Acceptable Use Policy, and that UNH follows an established process to respond to complaints from copyright holders about students who allegedly violate the copyright law through electronic means such as peer-to-peer file sharing through personal computers. If the university receives a lawfully ordered subpoena to provide personally identifiable information (such as name and address) matching an IP address that has been identified as an alleged source of copyright violations, it will comply. Information is available concerning the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and the University's compliance procedures for the sections that deal with online copyright infringement liability limitation. The policy is periodically reviewed and updated. It is the user's responsibility to familiarize herself/himself with the updates.

University of New Hampshire School of Law Web Policy

Section 1: Introduction

  • No personal student web pages shall be hosted on any University of New Hampshire Franklin Pierce School of Law server.
  • Student groups authorized by the Associate Dean for Student Affairs are eligible to apply for a web presence for the group (including, but not limited to a UNH Franklin Pierce e- Mail account, BBS forum, and listserv).
  • Individual students that are under the supervision and/or direction of a UNH Franklin Pierce faculty member for a web project authorized by the Dean and/or Associate Dean can apply for a web presence for the project.
  • To apply for a web presence on a UNH Franklin Pierce server, one must arrange a consultation with appropriate Information Technology staff.
  • The UNH Franklin Pierce Webmaster retains complete control, including the prerogative to change site content, as well as the approval of what is and is not allowed on our servers, for all UNH Franklin Pierce hosted sites.

Section 2: Use of Images on the Web

  • Individual student’s names are not to be placed in the ALT text of images without expressed written consent. Said expressed written consent shall remain on file with the Information Technology department.
  •  Photos of students, faculty and staff in and around UNH Franklin Pierce that appear on the UNH Franklin Pierce's web pages are intended to portray the vital role that they play in the day-to-day events at UNH Franklin Pierce.
  • Students, faculty and staff who do NOT wish to have their image appear on the the University of New Hampshire Franklin Pierce School of Law website can complete an opt-out request that shall remain on file with the Information Technology department and the Associate Dean for Student Affairs. Requests by a person to remove any specific images will be honored to the fullest extent that is possible.

Section 3: Copyrighted Materials

  • Copyrighted graphics, images, or other content must have the appropriate permission(s) (along with proof of said permission) available upon request before being placed on a University of New Hampshire Franklin Pierce School of Law server.

Section 4: Accessibility

Section 5: Technical and Coding Considerations

  • All images and graphics are to have descriptive ALT tags.
  • The use of cascading style sheets is highly recommended.
  • Deprecated tags should not be used unless absolutely necessary and only after consultation with the Webmaster. For example, font and bold tags have been deprecated and should not be used.
  • Pages should be designed for viewing at a resolution of 800 by 600 pixels. Avoid forcing the user to scroll to the right or left to read a page.
  • All class material intended for the web needs to be presented to Information Technology in an electronic format that is easily converted to an appropriate web format.
  • Regular HTML files should end in the .htm extension, not .html and should be named with all lowercase characters and with no spaces.
  • "Enhancements," such as Java, Javascript, and/or animations should be used sparingly, always keeping in mind that not everyone uses Java (by choice or by circumstances) and that these will slow down the loading of pages. In general, we tend to prefer and use Macromedia products such as Flash and ColdFusion to provide enhancements or database driven content.
  •  Links to other pages and graphics within any UNH Franklin Pierce site should always employ relative links and not absolute links.
  • Frames should not be used at all. If there is a situation that demands frames, please consult with the Webmaster.

Section 6: Content Providers

  • At least one person from each department or organization shall be designated as the contact person for that department or organization's web content. Said contact person will be responsible for the maintenance of relevant and up-to-date content of that department or organization's pages. Failure to comply with said responsibility could result in the deactivation of said department or organization's web privileges and/or content.

Information Technology – Staff

Each person in the Information Technology department has their own specific focus and responsibilities.

Paul LaClair is our Information Technology Administrator. He came to UNH Franklin Pierce in July of 2000 after spending one year in public education as a computer technician. Responsible for managing all things IT-related at UNH Franklin Pierce, you can contact Paul directly with any IT-related questions or concerns that you may have.
Phone:  (603) 513-5203

CJ Quinn is our Learning Space Technology Technician. He joined UNH Franklin Pierce in April of 2023 and has the responsibility of maintaining the school's ever-growing inventory of audio-visual/multimedia equipment, ensuring that it is functional and available to the entire UNH Franklin Pierce community.
Phone:  (603) 513-5177

We always encourage questions and welcome feedback.