Intellectual Property Law JD Certificate

The Intellectual Property JD Law Certificate program is intended to encourage and reward students who take advantage of the UNH Franklin Pierce’s excellent Intellectual Property Law academic resources to prepare themselves for careers in Intellectual Property Law. It is administered through the Franklin Pierce Center for Intellectual Property and awarded to qualifying J.D. degree recipients.

Students must complete and demonstrate competency in 15 credit hours of the following coursework to receive the Intellectual Property Law Certificate upon graduation:

  • The University of New Hampshire Franklin Pierce School of Law course: Fundamentals of Intellectual Property [Waivable for students who successfully complete Copyright Law; Trademark Law; and either Patent Law or Patent Practice and Procedure I.]
  • At least one of the following University of New Hampshire Franklin Pierce School of Law core IP courses: Patent Law, Patent Practice & Procedure I, Copyright Law or Trademark Law
  • A sufficient number of credit hours of University of New Hampshire Franklin Pierce School of Law qualifying Intellectual Property Law electives, as listed below:
    • Any course listed in Core Courses not already counted
    • Any course listed in Practice-Oriented Courses not already counted
    • Advanced Patent Law Seminar
    • Advanced Patent Litigation
    • Copyright Licensing
    • Copyright & Trademark Litigation Strategies
    • Federal Trademark & Copyright Regulation
    • G.S. Rich Patent Law Competition
    • Independent Study in which the student researches an IP topic and writes a paper of 10 pages or more, with the designation of whether the top is in IP to be determined by the supervising professor of the Independent Study.
    • Intellectual Property & International Trade
    • Intellectual Property Management
    • Internet Law
    • Inter Partes Practice
    • International Technology Transfer Institute Clinic & Class
    • IP & Transaction Clinic & Class
    • IP Enforcement at the International Trade Commission
    • IP, Technology Transfer & Global Development
    • Mining Patent Info in the Digital Age
    • Online Brand Management
    • Patent Application Prep & Prosecution
    • Patent Office Litigation
    • Patent Practice & Procedure I
    • Patent Practice & Procedure II
    • Saul Lefkowitz Trademarks Moot Court Competition
    • Technology Licensing
    • Trademarks
Request Information

The Certificate Advisor is Micky Minhas, Executive Director of the Franklin Pierce Center for Intellectual Property and Professor of Law.  Students who want to pursue an Intellectual Property Law Certificate should submit a completed certificate application form to the Registrar by the end of the semester before the student expects to graduate. The list of qualifying courses that is in effect when the student submits the application form shall govern, subject to waivers approved by the Certificate Advisor.