Faculty/Staff Activity

Professor Michael McCann discusses Dartmouth College's men's basketball team's effort to be recognized as employees and form a union. Learn More
Peter Karol, of UNH Franklin Pierce, and Guy Rub, of The Ohio State University, are delighted to invite proposals for the fifth annual Art Law Works-i... Learn More
The Judicial Council Grant for the Criminal Defense Academy
UNH Franklin Pierce Associate Professor Melissa Davis began speaking last year with the executive director of the New Hampshire Judicial Council about... Learn More
Cassandra LaRae-Perez will be joining in January as the new Director of the Intellectual Property and Transaction Clinic. Learn about the experience a... Learn More
We are thrilled to announce the appointment of Kathy Fletcher as LLNE’s first Equity Director. Learn More
UNH Franklin Pierce is proud to have learned that its adjunct faculty member, Seth Aframe has been nominated by the White House to serve as a judge on... Learn More
Six professors will join the faculty at UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law for the fall 2023 semester. The 2023-24 academic year will mark the 50th ann... Learn More
His seven years as executive director of the Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging at Massachusetts General Hospital placed Bill Shaw, JD ’04, dire... Learn More
While 2023-24 may represent the first official year of Michael Dube’s career as a full-time academic, the inaugural Visiting Assistant Profess... Learn More
This fall, Karol will join the faculty of UNH Franklin Pierce as professor of law and faculty director of the Franklin Pierce Center for Intellectual ... Learn More