Michael McCann

This week, NBC News came to UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law to interview Professor Michael McCann for an upcoming feature on Dartmouth College's men's basketball team's effort to be recognized as employees and form a union. Thank you to NBC's Maura Bennett and Jackie Montalvo for the great discussion. 

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Professor McCann has written several articles and publications, and appeared in interviews addressing this topic:

McCann, Michael A. “A Legal Scouting Report For What’s Next In Dartmouth Basketball.” Sportico, February 12, 2024

McCann, Michael A. “Colleges Declaring Athletes are Employees Might Make Sense.” Sportico, February 20, 2024

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McCann, Michael A., “New Amateurism.” Texas A&M Law Review, Vol. 11, Forthcoming, 2024, October 16, 2023

McCann, Michael A., “Sharing Broadcast and Streaming Revenues with College Athletes.” Harvard Journal of Sports and Entertainment Law, Vol. 15, Forthcoming 2024, December 5, 2023

Interview with WMUR TV

McCann, Michael A., "How to Resurrect the NCAA as Amateurism Lays Dying." Sportico, March 4, 2024

Michael McCann will be presenting at the Aspen Institute later this month.