Residential Versus Online

Whether it is an LL.M. or Master's degree, fully residential, limited residential, or online program - UNH Law has the program for you.


UNH Law has a long-standing global reputation for teaching legal professionals in an academically rigorous, supportive and collaborative learning environment in which students have personal day-to-day interactions with faculty and other students.

Our residential graduate law programs, housed in the Franklin Pierce Center for Intellectual Property, offer students some of the most extensive collections of intellectual property courses in the country.  

Students enrolled in the LL.M. or Master’s degree are in residence for 2 semesters (one academic year). The first semester runs from the end of August to the middle of December. The second semester begins the middle of January and concludes the middle of May.

Students in the Graduate Certificate are in residence for just one semester; August to December. This is a great option for working professionals who are unable to commit to a one year program.

Limited Residential

Traditionally, our Intellectual Property graduate law programs were only available to students able to travel to New Hampshire for an extended period of time.

Now, our Intellectual Property degrees are available in a limited residential format. In our limited residential program, students enroll for the fall semester in residence at the law school. After completion of the fall semester, students return home to finish the degree requirements online as either a fulltime or part-time student.

This option allows students to experience a shorter stay in the U.S. and still complete a full degree with an individualized schedule. Students have the opportunity to live and learn in the U.S. for one semester and lower their living expenses substantially by returning home to complete the degree.


For those individuals who cannot participate in the residential program due to limited time or work constraints, the option of a fully online program is also available in both the International Criminal Law and Justice program and the Intellectual Property program. This distance learning format allows students to avoid the costs associated with living expenses in the U.S. and travel to and from the U.S.

Fulltime students can complete these programs in as few as 3 semesters. Part-time LL.M. students have up to 36 months to complete the program and part-time Master’s students have up to 60 months to complete the degree.

Faculty for the online programs include many of the high caliber faculty who have taught in the residential program for years and expert adjunct faculty from around the country who are skilled practitioners in their respective fields.

Our Graduate Program offerings include:

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