Current Students

“Much of the school’s success occurs because students take personal responsibility for engaging in the strong programming and opportunities available to them here.”

-Assistant Director for Career Services Paula Harris

From the first day of law school to summer job searches to internships to Bar membership, we help you enter the legal marketplace with confidence and the skills necessary for success. In the first semester of the first year, you begin learning about and using critical intangible skills such as good judgment, professionalism, networking and mentoring.

Learn from practitioners about their career paths and practice areas. Take part in our small group resume review workshop.  Gain invaluable insight from interview practice sessions with volunteer attorneys (right). Take advantage of networking opportunities and community service team efforts. Attend job fairs on campus and visit employers.

By the end of the first semester, you will have created a law-oriented professional resume, and an individual professional development plan after a one-on-one meeting with a Career Services counselor. 

We encourage you to work closely with us throughout your three-years here to strategically build your resume, practical experiences, and contacts so that you may secure post-grad job opportunities in the practice area and geographic location you desire.

Services include:

  • Creating an individual career development plan and strategy that changes as you refine your career interests;
  • Improve and use the skills necessary to secure an entry level position in the legal marketplace, including professionalism, increasing self-awareness, confidence, networking, finding and developing mentoring relationships, and participating in community service;
  • Creating opportunities to increase your networking, mentoring, and job search opportunities;
  • Preparing resumes, cover letters and other application materials that comply with professional standards and emphasize your strongest qualities;
  • Preparing for interviews and prehiring meetings;
  • Strategizing employment negotiations.






Intro to Legal Prof. class

Update resume and cover letters

Update resume and cover letters


Networking events

Meet w/ CS for interview prep, planning and next summer’s job strategy

Meet with advisor to assure all credits are


Speed Mentoring

Second round OCI and Loyola interviews

Strategize post-grad job search with CS


Resume workshop

Continue to attend networking events

Target alums in geographic area for networking


Finalize resume for Spring job search

Use Speed Mentoring event to build network

Target employers


Create cover letter templates

Check job postings for summer jobs

Monitor and apply for jobs


Begin using network to plan summer job search

Oct.  Equal Justice Works conference and job fair



Initial meeting with Career Services to discuss interests

Apply for summer jobs with larger employers







Public Interest Job Fair

Public Interest Job Fair



Mock Interview Round Robin

Mock Interview Round Robin

Apply for state Bar membership


Individual interview prep with

Career Services

Meet w/ CS to plan strategy, interview prep, build network

Continue applying for jobs


IP students consider Loyola IP Job Fair

Apply for Rule 36 admission if appropriate for summer job

Coordinate with CS re job search assistance, interview prep, etc.


Apply for Rudman Fellowship if doing a public interest summer job

Meet with advisor to assure you have all necessary credits planned for on-time graduation




If interested in residency, meet with Professor Brooks







On-Campus Interview program for next summer’s job

Eligible students take Patent Bar

Pass the Bar Exam!


Secure strong recommendation from summer employer

Secure strong recommendation from summer employer

Take some down time


Patent eligible students attend Loyola IP job fair


Start your new career!


Map out tentative next 2 years