Commerce and Technology Law (LL.M.)

Commerce and Technology Law (LL.M.)

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New challenges are created by the growth of electronic commerce, new products and services, and the growing proliferation of cybercrime every day. Our strong IP foundation has allowed us to extend our reach into a commerce and technology concentration.

Why get an LL.M. degree in commerce and technology law?

In today’s digital era, new legal challenges arise every day at the intersection of e-commerce, business, the legal and regulatory landscape, and beyond. A commerce and technology LL.M., supported by UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law's strong intellectual property (IP) foundation, lets you acquire an understanding of the legal issues that emerge when information technology, business, and law meet. Expert faculty tackle current events in rapidly developing areas such as new payment systems and consumers’ private information, and the program offers flexibility to match your career objectives with three elective component areas: Intellectual Property, Transactions/Information Age Commercial Law, and International Perspective and Regulation/Tax. This LL.M. program provides unique knowledge that is invaluable in today’s evolving digital and data-driven economy.

Why choose UNH for your degree?

With a top-rated IP program, you'll work with highly experienced faculty and enjoy access to a global network of influential practitioners. With immersive classroom experiences to learn from experts in the field in places like Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C., we know some of the best learning happens outside the classroom. Students gain invaluable hands-on experience in on-campus clinics like the International Technology Transfer Institute and the Intellectual Property and Transaction Clinic. The 12-month program provides New York Bar eligibility for residential LL.M. students.

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Curriculum & Requirements

Supported by UNH Law's strong IP foundation, the Commerce and Technology program is built at the intersection of business and law to tackle evolving legal issues facing new business and e-commerce in the global information age economy.

Expert faculty tailor courses to current events and developments, and the program offers flexibility to match the career objectives of each individual student. Course work addresses rapidly-developing areas of the law, such as cybercrime and consumers’ private information.

The program is available in residential format only. Credit requirements: 24 credits, or 30 credits for candidates without a law degree. Program is available full-time only, and must be completed within 12 months.

Residential Candidate Requirements
LIP 801Graduate Legal Research and Information Literacy1
LIP 894American Legal Process and Analysis I3
LIP 895American Legal Process and Analysis II2
Three Elective Component Areas:
Intellectual Property
Transactions/Information Age Commercial Law
International Perspective and Regulation/Tax
  • Knowledge and understanding of substantive and procedural law in the traditional area of business law and practice in the United States and internationally, focused on the impact of information age technology on this realm of law.
  • Legal analysis and reasoning, legal research, problem-solving, and written and oral communication in the context of business law and practice in the United States and globally.
  • Exercise of proper professional and ethical responsibilities to clients and the national and global legal systems around business law; and
  • Other professional skills needed for competent and ethical participation as a member of the legal profession focused on the practice of business law domestically and internationally.

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The University of New Hampshire Franklin Pierce School of Law has earned an international reputation as a leader in Intellectual Property Law. The school attracts talented students from all over the world through both the quality of its coursework and the community support it provides. Moreover, the school’s resources and network enabled international students thrive even in the COVID-19 era of employment.

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