In 2019, 87.09% of first-time bar exam takers from UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law passed the bar across 12 jurisdictions on their first try.  

“We are so proud of our students’ success on the bar exam,” said Dean Megan Carpenter. “Our students are a powerhouse and we work with every student to ensure they feel confident going into the exam. Their preparation paid off to put them ahead of the nationwide first-time pass rate of 80%.” 

2019 Graduating Class

100% of UNH Law first-time takers passed the bar in 7 jurisdictions including Connecticut, the District of Columbia, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas. .  

In New Hampshire, the jurisdiction with the largest number of first-time UNH Law takers, UNH Law first-time takers had an 89.47% pass rate. This pass rate is well above 67.52%, the American Bar Association’s published pass rate in New Hampshire for graduates of ABA approved law schools.

UNH Law is #5 in the region for first-time bar passage among all law schools in New England (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont). In addition, 93.44% of UNH Law graduates from the class of 2017 have now passed the bar exam.

“All of us at UNH Law are dedicated to supporting bar exam success from the first days of first-year orientation,” said Associate Dean for Administration and Academic Success Director Leah Plunkett. “This investment shows: looking at ultimate bar passage for the class of 2017 across all law schools in New England—the percentage of grads from the class of 2017 who have now passed the bar exam—UNH Law is #6 in the region.” 

For the details of UNH Law’s first-time and ultimate bar passage data as reported in 2020, please visit our Consumer Information-ABA Required Disclosures. The information about UNH Law’s performance among New England schools comes from looking at the first-time bar pass rates for all New England law schools listed on the ABA 2019 First Time Bar Taker Data spreadsheet and the ultimate bar rates for all New England law schools listed on the ABA 2017 Ultimate Bar Pass Data spreadsheet, both available here.