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From being patient to getting involved in community life beyond the classroom to asking questions, recent UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law LLM and master degree graduates have much wisdom to impart to their student successors. 

Mithra Thiruchangu

Mithra Thiruchangu

Mithra Thiruchangu, LLM in Intellectual Property (LLM IP) ’22, recommends that law students become as involved as possible in the many activities that complement academic life at the law school. Kanchanit “Kay” Phatprasit, LLM IP ’22, and Katherine Souza Pereira, LLM IP ’22, add that students should forge connections with those going through the same experience.  

“Make the best out of your experience,” says Pereira, a native of Brazil. “Being a law student is not easy and requires dedication, but it’s also very important to get out and enjoy other activities. Make new friends and plan activities with them. They can also be great study buddies.” 

Jui-Chi “Rachel” Tsai, Master’s in Intellectual Property ’22, warns that legal English differs from the English spoken every day in the U.S., and advises future international law students not to get frustrated. “Your English will improve a lot in the second semester,” she says. 

Mudassir Husain

Mudassir Husain

Mudassir Husain, LLM IP ’22, wants incoming law students to know that they should not be intimidated by the academic rigor of the program. He advises students to choose courses that will pave the way for staying in the United States to work through Optional Practical Training if that is the student’s desire, and to work with the school’s career services office

Fellow 2022 LLM IP graduate Min Woo Youn notes that, while studying can bring stress at times, UNH Franklin Pierce is located within walking distance of a respite with downtown Concord less than an hour away from both mountains and beaches. “Be sure to buy or rent a car and take time on the weekend to enjoy these wonderful natural environments and relieve stress,” Youn recommends.  

Lastly, the students highlight the importance of building relationships with professors. They state, “The professors are friendly and their doors are always open, so you can easily ask questions and get answers.” 

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