Help a UNH Franklin Pierce Student

Right now, our students and recent graduates need us more than ever.  They’re working hard, trying to balance all that’s happening in the world, while finishing the semester strong and launching their careers.  They’ve done exceptionally well, especially given the circumstances, and now, they need our support.

You can help our students and recent graduates in two ways.

Law School Building exterior

First, do you need an extra pair of hands?  Perhaps your firm needs an intern this summer.  Or you need a new associate.  Or maybe you have a smaller project that needs research or a presentation that needs attention.  Our students and recent graduates are smart, reliable, and ready to work.  They need experiences and mentors to advance their resumes and no project or connection is too small for our students and graduates to take on.  They are ready for the work.

Some students had summer internships or job opportunities that were canceled altogether or dramatically shortened because of the coronavirus.  Yet they still need practical experience, mentoring, and opportunities to build their resumes.  In this unique time, we encourage you to think outside the traditional “summer intern” or "work" model.  Our students and recent graduates are able to work on discrete research or drafting projects, surveys of the law, research for CLE presentations, citation checking for scholarship, and other similar tasks. 

If you would like to connect with one of our students or recent graduates, please reach out to Paula Harris, Assistant Director of Career Services at:  If you provide her a brief description of what you’re looking for, she can match you with a student or recent graduate with similar interests and background.

Student working at a computer

Second, some of our students need financial help.  Perhaps they lost a part-time job, or lost family support due to the COVID-19 crisis.  They need money to help pay rent or buy groceries.  You can give directly to them through our Student Emergency Fund.  Any amount is appreciated and will be helpful to our students who are in need.

Thank you, alumni, friends, and partners for all your help during this time.  We are lucky to be part of such a strong community and we appreciate all your support during this time.