Chantalle Forgues

Chantalle Forgues

Adjunct Professor

Professor Forgues is an attorney, associate professor of business law, and aspiring data scientist. She has a diverse legal background that includes litigation and transactional experience at both large and mid-sized law firms, a state judicial clerkship, and an internship with former United States Congressman and presidential primary candidate Bernard Sanders (I-D). She knows just enough about data science to be dangerous. Professor Forgues enjoys sports and recreation of all kinds. She has joined students in playing ice hockey against the Boston Bruins Alumni team, playing basketball against the Harlem Rockets, and playing flag football with Doug Flutie to promote the Flutie Foundation for Autism. She also enjoys general aviation, and occasionally you can see her flying a Cherokee Warrior around a variety of airfields in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Selected Cases and Publications JOURNAL PUBLICATIONS Forgues, Chantalle R. “Fair Use in the Rag Trade: In Defense of the Fashion Industry’s Casual Appropriation of Artwork,” 46 Colum. J.L. & Arts, 187 (2022). Forgues, C. R. & Lee, D.S. (2019, Dec 27). Will Your Clients Be Sued? Big Data Analytics Can Help Predict Lawsuits. Bloomberg Law. Forgues, C. R. & Lee, D.S. (2019, Dec 18). Using Big Data Analytics Tools to Predict Litigation Outcomes. New Hampshire Bar News, pp. 1. Forgues, C. R, Mazanov, J. & Smith, J. “Human milk doping and the paradox of anti-doping policy.” Performance Enhancement and Health, 5.4 (2017): 158-165. Forgues, Chantalle R. “Traps for the Unwary Commercial Drone User” 50 Bus. Law Rev. 41 (2017). Forgues, Chantalle R. “A Global Hurdle: The Implementation of an International Nondiscrimination Norm Protecting Women from Gender Discrimination in International Sports” 19 B.U. Int’l L.J. 247 (Fall 2000).

Law Degree

  • J.D., Boston University School of Law
  • LL.M., Columbia Law School

Courses Taught

  • Consumer Law