Campus Climate, Safety and Security

Campus Safety

UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law always maintains at least one UNH Police Officer and/or Student Campus Safety Officer when the law school is open.

We strongly encourage all UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law community members to put the UNH Police Dispatch phone number into your cell phone. This number is 603-862-1212.This number will connect you to UNH Dispatch and they can connect you to the Concord Police Department or the on-campus student safety officer. If you are concerned that you or a friend is in immediate danger, please call 911. 

If you are on campus (including walking around campus or in the parking lot) and see something that is concerning to you, please inform the on-call campus student safety officer by informing them at reception or by calling the dispatch number. Campus safety officers are also available to escort Franklin Pierce Law community members to their car whenever the law school is open so don’t hesitate to ask one of them to walk you to your car if you’re feeling unsafe.   

If you are off campus and see something that is concerning to you or a friend for safety reasons, don’t hesitate to call 911 or call the Concord Police Department at 603-225-8600.

Civil Rights and Equity Office (CREO)

Help us improve our campus and community climate. If you have observed or experienced an incident of bias, discrimination or harassment, please report the incident by contacting the Civil Rights and Equity Office (CREO) by using the Incident Report Form (IRF).


UNH Franklin Pierce Law Safety Committee

Sexual Misconduct Climate Survey

A sexual misconduct climate survey with a series of standard base questions was distributed to all undergraduate and graduate students in the state of New Hampshire as a required component of a new law aimed at addressing campus sexual misconduct. Spring 2022 was the first time it was conducted, and the results will be an important component in the university’s ongoing work to prevent and respond to all forms of sexual misconduct and interpersonal violence. The following survey and responses are specific to UNH Franklin Pierce Law School. 

Every allegation of sexual misconduct is disturbing. When reviewing the summary findings, please note that the definition of sexual misconduct as it relates to this survey is quite broad, so it is important to read the survey questions and responses in their entirety to best understand the results. For example, one of the findings was that 52% of participants reported experiencing at least one incident of sexual harassment by another student. That is an alarming statistic. The actual question, however, provides context and shows that some of the 52% is made up of students who checked yes to the following: a student treated me differently because of my sex or gender identity, a student made offensive sexist remarks, a student was condescending to me because of my sex or gender identity, etc. 

Working to prevent and respond to all forms of sexual misconduct and interpersonal violence is an ongoing commitment at UNH. Learn more about Our 22 concrete steps to do so as well as their status and timeline for completion.