Joanne Martin

Joanne M. Martin

Adjunct Professor
Adjunct Section Leader for Patent Practice & Procedure I & II

Professor Martin has been teaching Patent Practice since the 1990s, and has studied under and continues the entrepreneurial spirit of the school’s founder Robert H. Rines, and Robert Shaw, the founder of the widely acclaimed Patent Practice program at the Franklin Pierce School of Law at UNH.

Having been registered before the U.S. Patent Office for 40 years and a member of the Massachusetts Bar for nearly that long, Prof. Martin has followed and participated in the evolving frontiers of the Electronics and Computer hardware and software technologies previously as an engineer and a Professional Engineer, and currently as an Intellectual Property Attorney with diverse clientele from around the world, with a practice including Patent, Trademark and Copyright and related matters.

Professor Martin teaches in-class and on-line courses, and particularly enjoys exploring and teaching the unusual topics, language, and mind-set required by the practice of Patent Prosecution as relating to the acquisition of U.S. patents, and as related to licensing, litigation, patents outside of the U.S, as well as other legal and non-legal patent and technology matters. Furthermore, the interests, comments and participation by students from around the world, as integrated into the FPSoL classroom environment, are especially welcome, as are questions at any time.

BSEE Carnegie-Mellon University

MEngr Thayer School of Engineering, Dartmouth College

JD Franklin Pierce Law Center (now Franklin Pierce School of Law)