International Criminal Law and Justice (LL.M.)

International Criminal Law and Justice (LL.M.)

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You want to keep up with the widening scope of international criminal law. Practicing lawyers learn about the latest developments affecting the international criminal law landscape.

Why get an LL.M. degree in international criminal law and justice?

Gain an edge understanding and combating transnational crime with an LL.M. in international criminal law and justice. Whether you intend to practice in the United States or abroad, students with a U.S. law degree or equivalent international degree will explore the most pressing issues in international criminal law and justice today, from the expanding reach of domestic criminal statutes to commerce issues around terrorism to crimes of war, drug laundering, human trafficking, weapons trafficking, human rights, international white-collar crime, and cybercrime. As an online program, students complete the program in a flexible format with full-or part-time options starting in August and January with a diverse selection of courses.

Why study international criminal law and justice at UNH?

As one of the only law schools offering an international criminal law and justice program, UNH offers a unique lineup of expert faculty, scholars, and high-end practitioners from around the globe to teach at the cutting edge of international law. If you are looking to be at the forefront when it comes to grappling with the widening scope of international criminal law, this online program is for you. The 24-credit LL.M. can be completed on a full-or part-time schedule in as few as 12 months or as long as three years. Students can start in August or January. Enjoy applied learning in a self-paced, asynchronous but facilitated environment with course instructors.

Potential careers

  • Counter-terrorism analyst
  • Criminal history analyst
  • Diplomat Global investigator
  • Human rights advocate
  • Immigration and customs agent
  • Immigration lawyer
  • Intelligence analyst
  • International court/tribunal judge
  • Victim assistance specialist

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Curriculum & Requirements

UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law's (UNH Law) LLM degree in International Criminal Law and Justice is available 100 percent online and addresses fast-paced developments in the globalization of commerce, terrorism, human rights, and criminal law, especially over the past 30 years.

The program is ideal for practicing lawyers, professionals, students, and scholars in diplomatic, criminal justice, military, and law enforcement communities around the world. Students gain insight from the program’s multi-national approach and master transnational law courses focused on domestic crimes with international implications, and also study the implications of nations expanding the reach of their domestic criminal statutes, the creation of the International Criminal Court and Special Tribunals and United Nations conventions, with bi- and multi-lateral treaties.

Our program offers a diverse selection of courses focusing on critical current issues around the globe, including Drugs & Weapons Trafficking, International White Collar Crime, CyberCrime, Human Trafficking, and Piracy & Terrorism.

Online Candidate Requirements
LCR 923International Legal Research2
LCR 924International Criminal Law and Justice Seminar3
LCR 925Comparative Criminal Justice Systems3
LCR 929Capstone Research Project3
Electives: 113
LCR 914
LCR 928
Drugs and Weapons Trafficking
LCR 921
Human Trafficking I
LIP 957
Intellectual Property Crimes
LCR 922
International White Collar Crime
LCR 927
Piracy and Terrorism
LCR 926
International Criminal Court and Special Tribunals
Total Credits24

Explore Program Details

  • Available in online program only
  • Admission in January or August
  • LL.M. requires 24 credits
  • Full- or part-time
  • Full-time must complete degree in three consecutive semesters or 12 months
  • Part-time must complete degree within three years
  • Graduation ceremony in May

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