Rudman Center Director John Greabe Tells WMUR the Constitution Guides Electoral College Certification

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

When constitutional law expert and Professor John Greabe, director of the Warren B. Rudman Center, spoke with News 9 WMUR reporters about Congress certifying President-elect Joe Biden’s victory, no one had any idea how Wednesday would unfold. The certification process did occur but not before Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol and mayhem ensued.

On Tuesday, January 5, Professor Greabe told WMUR News 9 reporter Kristen Carosa that Wednesday “ the day on which results of the Electoral College votes are delivered to Congress, opened and formally counted. It’s the [constitutional] process in which Congress recognizes the president-elect as president-elect,” he said. Listen to the full interview here.

Later Professor Greabe spoke with WMUR News 9 reporter Ray Brewer, explaining that the process to certify the votes would likely take longer because of objections from senators and representatives. Listen to this full interview here.

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