Franklin Pierce Center for Intellectual Property

This article was originally published on SpicyIP

Ever since Indian law graduate Jaya Mitra realized she could access the cooperative educational opportunities at the University of New Hampshire Franklin Pierce School of Law whilst sitting in India, she has taken full advantage of those chances.

This summer, Jaya, an IP& Tech LL.M. candidate at Jindal Global Law School , will attend her second Intellectual Property Summer Institute (IPSI). Taught by distinguished UNH Law faculty, alumni, and IP professionals from all over the U.S., IPSI brings together (virtually, for now) IP professionals, professors, and law students – like Jaya – for intellectually stimulating lectures and vibrant discussions. Last year’s impressive roster of IP experts included attorneys from Microsoft, Disney, TikTok, 3M, and Spotify, among others, and the 2021 IPSI promises much of the same.

Owing to the [MoU] between Symbiosis Law School, Pune (India), and UNH Franklin Pierce, I had attended a course organized by UNH in Silicon Valley in January 2020,” explains Jaya. “After such a positive, enriching experience, I jumped at the opportunity of learning from world-class faculty and industry experts of IP once again!”

In 2020, Jaya attended Name, Image & Likeness: The Controversy of Identity in Sports Law, taught by UNH Professor Mike McCann. McCann, who serves as director of the law school’s Sports & Entertainment Law Institute, will return again to IPSI 2021.

In addition to delivering expert takes on a broad range of topics, from patent licensing to cannabis, from video gaming to doing business in China to trademark searching, IPSI also offers an ideal setting for networking within the legal profession at the international scale.

“[IPSI] enabled me to be part of an IP course taught by the big shots of the IP world,” notes Jaya, who also enjoyed being a member of a classroom that connected her with legal professionals and students from across the world. The program, says Jaya, provides exposure to areas of law that might not have been fully explored in one’s home country, making it worthwhile for that reason, among so many others.

The 2021 Intellectual Property Summer Institute will be offered in two sessions – May 24 to June 11 and June 14 to July 2. The program is open to legal professionals, recent law school graduates, foreign law students entering the 4th or 5th year of their LL.B., current UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law graduate students, and the law school’s alumni.

“Attending IPSI would ensure broadening of one’s vision,” Jaya says of prospective attendees.

For more on the 2021 Intellectual Property Summer Institute, visit Credit from the 1-2 credit IPSI courses can be applied to the law school’s LL.M. and Master programs in Intellectual Property. Contact or WhatsApp +1-603-513-5300 for more information about these specialized degree programs.