A Flexible Opportunity

Friday, July 16, 2021

The International Criminal Law & Justice Program at UNH Franklin Pierce offers the only online master’s or LL.M. degree that focuses on transnational crime.

Buzz Scherr

Students in the online International Criminal Law & Justice Program (ICLJ) at UNH Franklin Pierce, says Program Director and Professor Albert “Buzz” Scherr, are FBI agents, local police officers, drug taskforce members, prosecutors, defense lawyers, and nonprofit advocates in America and abroad. The deadline to apply to begin this Fall is August 1. Admission to the ICLJ program does not require GRE or LSAT scores.

“The courses are taught,” adds Scherr, “with people involved in law enforcement, transnational crime, and law in mind.” 

In addition to the distinction of being the only law school to offer a master’s degree in criminal justice, the flexibility of UNH’s ICLJ program is one of its hallmarks. Students can begin the online curriculum in August or January and complete the 24-credit LL.M. on a full-time or part-time schedule in one to three years, depending on the pace that works best for the individual. The 30-credit master’s degree can be completed in up to five years. The asynchronous learning environment is facilitated by accessible course instructors, including expert faculty, scholars, and high-end practitioners, who offer a wealth of knowledge, experience, and wisdom.

“You will be taught by experts from around the world,” says Scherr. “They are experienced, on-the-ground practitioners. They work at major international nonprofits. They have written the best textbooks in their area of expertise. They are well-networked in their respective fields.”

The front of the law school reflecting in the White Park pond

In meeting the needs of the broad range of career interests of its scholars, the ICLJ program is oriented toward practical applications of the law, rather than academic theory. The focus on transnational crime, an area that has been expanding for a while, sets it apart. Whether students intend to practice in the U.S. or abroad, they will explore the most pressing issues in international criminal law and justice. Among the topics covered are drug laundering, human trafficking, human rights, and cybercrime.

“We are the only master’s or LL.M. degree that focuses on transnational crime,” reminds Scherr.  “It is the hot area in terms of criminal justice issues. It pops up in big cities and small towns. Cybercrime is everywhere, and human trafficking is the same. Drugs and weapons trafficking has been a domestic and international concern for more than a century.”

Students who complete the ICLJ program enter careers that range from counter-terrorism expert to human rights advocate to immigration and customs agent to victim assistance specialist, and beyond.

“We present a cutting-edge program that gets you ahead of the curve,” says Scherr, “and distinguishes you from others.”

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