Mudassir Husain: “Why I Chose UNH Franklin Pierce”

Friday, October 22, 2021

Mudassir Husain

Mudassir Husain

When he was deciding whether or not to pursue an LLM, Mudassir Husain wondered if the foreign degree would positively impact his career progression enough to justify the time and the cost. He considered schools located in the U.S. and in the U.K.

Husain’s native India boasts a graduate school market that features 1,000 law schools, from which more than 70,000 students graduate each year. Despite those statistics, LLM programs in India — which require two years of study — are not as popular as they are in the U.S. Prospective students, he says, do not believe in the value of the degree from their home country when it comes to boosting their career prospects.   

“The advantages of a foreign LLM degree look quite obvious,” Husain explains, “but a prospective student may still not go ahead if the concerns are not addressed to some extent. The concerns I had about pursuing an LLM abroad were adequately addressed by the LLM IP program at UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law.”

Husain had not always planned on pursuing a law degree. He was studying for a master’s in biochemistry when his brother, an attorney, asked for assistance on a case that required scientific research.

Mudassir Husain speaking during the International Student Seminar

Mudassir Husain speaking during the International Student Seminar

“Having assisted him on this case,” Husain shares, “I got more interested in law. Upon consulting a few people in the field, I realized that having a science degree is a great advantage if I plan to take up intellectual property law.”

Upon completion of his LLB, Husain sought a job at a top law firm in India. To reach that goal, he knew he would either have to gain significant experience in IP law or earn a degree from a law school with a strong reputation in the specialty. He spent two years practicing corporate and civil litigation, before deciding to investigate foreign law schools that offered an LLM with a focus on IP.

“One of my mentors strongly suggested that I look at UNH Franklin Pierce,” Husain says. “I then did my own research and was impressed by some of the things I learned.”

The No. 4 ranking among law schools offering LLMs in IP along with a curriculum that includes courses in blockchain technology and bio-innovation, among other topics, further caught Husain’s attention. But “the impressive network of alumni, especially in India, helped me seal my decision to join UNHFP.”

Since joining the law school community, Husain has been appreciative of the wide selection of classes that offer practical experience for students. He also has his eye on the IP clinics offered at UNH. He has found his peers and professors to be open and welcoming, with his teachers facilitating connections with alumni who can help Husain advance in his IP law journey.

“Before coming to UNH, I had no prior experience in IP law,” he says. “I believe that the LLM IP degree will help offset some of the disadvantages that I may have had in getting a desired job. I look forward to making the most out of this experience.”