Spring at UNH Franklin Pierce

Nearly 87% (73/84) of first-time bar exam takers from UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law passed the bar across 18 jurisdictions on their initial try in 2022.  

Those numbers included a first-time pass rate of 93.75% in New Hampshire and a 100% pass rate in 10 jurisdictions, including Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, Montana, North Carolina, New York, and Utah.

“Our students are a powerhouse and we are so proud of their success,” Dean Megan Carpenter said. “Our students work very hard in preparation for the exam and receive tremendous support from our Academic Success Program, our faculty, and staff.”  

In New Hampshire, the jurisdiction with the largest number of first-time UNH Franklin Pierce takers, the school’s pass rate exceeded the state’s overall pass rate (61.96%) by an overwhelming 31.79%. The overall first-time bar pass rate from the UNH Franklin Pierce Class of 2022 was 86.9%.  In addition, 97% of UNH Franklin Pierce graduates from the class of 2020 that took the bar exam have ultimately passed.

At UNH Franklin Pierce, the school’s bar preparation program includes activities as early as the 1L year. All students take a preliminary bar exam to provide individualized, data-driven insights into how one can best structure the rest of their time in law school, with personalized workshops on every aspect of the bar monitored by the Academic Success Program.  Each year, the law school examines individual factors to adjust the program as new types of students with different learning modalities enroll.

“Nothing is better than seeing students through the process and then hearing the news that they have passed the bar,” said Academic Success Program Director Professor Kevin Frost. “That’s why our program is here for them.  Every year is a new year, and every bar report is important.  The Academic Success Program is designed to meet the specific needs of our students and adjust to support them through the bar study process.” 

For the details of UNH Franklin Pierce’s first-time and ultimate bar passage data, please visit our Consumer Information (ABA Required Disclosures).