Each year, UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law offers students and practicing professionals an opportunity to learn about trending topics in intellectual property at the Intellectual Property Summer Institute.

IPSI 2023 Week 2

In July, participants gathered in California’s Silicon Valley for two sessions on a variety of topics taught by renowned faculty, researchers, and industry professionals. Session 1 (July 18-21) featured classes on Blockchain Cryptocurrency & the Law; IP Monetization; IP Management; and IP Licensing, while Session 2 (July 24-27) offered classes on The Space Economy, Deep Tech, and Beyond; Data as an Asset; Advanced Patent Licensing; Cannabis and IP; and Worldwide Patent Litigation A weekend session from July 22 to 23, taught by UNH Franklin Pierce Dean Megan Carpenter, explored U.S. Geographic Indications and Wine.

“IPSI gives us the chance to introduce emerging topics to our students and to lawyers who already have entered the legal profession,” Carpenter says. “By exploring multiple areas of IP, we are bridging the gap between private practice and academia in a way that makes sense.”

Julissa Farah de la Ossa, a partner at Estudio Benedetti in Panama, was impressed by the knowledge of the faculty and the wide range of topics discussed at IPSI 2023. She made particular mention of discussions of the space economy, the IP behind the semiconductor industry, trade secrets as a business tool, the 2023 banking crisis, the tension caused by the rise of artificial intelligence, copyright and image rights, and the IP around Napa Valley wine.

“No other academic institution could have covered such a dynamic curriculum specially curated for both law students and IP professionals,” de la Ossa says. “To be able to discuss these current issues in an academic atmosphere was really enlightening. In this rapidly evolving era, where data and technology are changing the employment opportunities of almost every industry, our generation needs tools to have greater leverage and be at the forefront of this competitive environment, tools that meet our busy schedules while providing us with high-quality apprenticeship. In my opinion, IPSI is one of these tools.”

Week 2 IPSI 2023

In addition to Carpenter, UNH Franklin Pierce was represented by Director of the Franklin Pierce Center for Intellectual Property Micky Minhas, who taught Data as an Asset.

“Through IPSI, UNH Franklin Pierce is able to demonstrate its global reach and the law school’s connections to IP in the U.S. and beyond,” Minhas says. “It also allows our students to interact with practicing attorneys both as colleagues and mentors.”

Adjunct Professors Robert O’Connell, JD’97 and George Pullen, who taught IP Management and Blockchain Cryptocurrency & the Law, respectively. Jenna Matheny, director of technology transfer at UNHInnovation, taught IP Licensing.

“Having taught and lectured at several schools and programs over the past 10 years,” Pullen says, “I would say that, by far, I enjoy the IPSI experience the most. It’s so much more than just the interactive and intense time spent diving into deep tech, crypto, and space within the classrooms. It’s the mix of morning hikes, lectures, lunch guest speakers, and evening networking on the water that create such strong connections with fellow staff and each new summer’s cohort.”

IPSI 2023 Silicon Valley

Other experts who shared their knowledge with IPSI students included a senior economist from the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission, a chief licensing officer for Nokia, a globally recognized expert on technology and crisis communications, and attorneys for the patent licensing firm Marconi, which co-sponsored IPSI 2023. Shabnam Malek, a partner at Brand & Branch LLP and chief legal officer at 1906, which specializes in compliance and regulations around cannabis, taught Cannabis and IP.

“The most important benefit IPSI brings is the ability to build relationships with working professionals and with lawyers,” Malek says. “That’s really important because those relationships often lead to great mentorships and potentially job opportunities. The coursework is very hands-on, so it gives the students a view into some of the opportunities in their particular field. It shows them all the different work they can do with a focus on intellectual property. We all learn from each other.”


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