The panelists from "The War on Drugs 50 Years Later"

On October 29, 2021, the University of New Hampshire Law Review held their Symposium, "The War on Drugs 50 Years Later."

In June of 1971, President Nixon declared a “War on Drugs,” suppressing drug channels and increasing the criminalization of drug use, possession, and supply. Fifty years later, this “all-out offensive” continues. Yet, not only has drug use since increased, but so too has violence, conflict, and corruption which has ultimately driven systematic racism, mass incarceration, social marginalization, healthcare adversity, among many other negative institutional outcomes.  Watch the recording here:

Guest Panel, "Who Really Benefits from the Opioid Settlements?
The Developing Legal Landscape Impacting New Hampshire" featuring Manchester City Solicitor Emily Gray Rice, Professor Lucy Hodder, and Associate Attorney General & Director of Legal Counsel for NH Dept of Justice James Boffetti

Guest scholars presented on their work:

The Perfect Storm: Substance Abuse, Mental Illness, and Criminal Justice in Rural America
Bailey D. Barnes 
Associate, The Law Offices of Galligan & Newman 
McMinnville, Tennessee 

Presentation during "The War on Drugs 50 Years Later"

Could the War on Drugs in N.H. Even Survive Rational Basis Review at this Point?
Michael S. Lewis 
Shareholder, Rath, Young & Pignatelli P.C.
Professor of Law, UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law 
Concord, New Hampshire 
Cassandra Moran, J.D. ’22 
Daniel Webster Scholar, UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law 
Concord, New Hampshire 

Moral Panic and the War on Drugs 
Phil Lord 
Instructor, Department of Law and Legal Studies, Carleton University 
Ottawa, Ontario 

After the War on Drugs: Challenges Following Decriminalization 
Thomas Lininger
Orlando John and Marian H. Hollis Professor of Law, University of Oregon School of Law
Eugene, Oregon