Hitarth Parikh

Virtual Chat with Hitarth Parikh

“Pursuing the LLM at UNH Franklin Pierce was a strategic move”, says Hitarth Parikh, “Among other things, it helped foster valuable connections, and network with industry leaders.”  

The strategy paid off.  

After graduating with an LLM in Intellectual Property from the University of New Hampshire Franklin Pierce School of Law in 2023, where he was also a recipient of the International Student Scholarship sponsored by Royzz & Co, Hitarth returned to India to join one of India’s largest and reputed law firms, Khaitan & Co in Mumbai. 

The journey came with Its own set of challenges and tough decisions.  

After completing his law degree from the University of Mumbai Law Academy, Hitarth worked as an associate at an IP law firm before restarting his academic career with an LLM from the Kirit P Mehta School of Law, NMIMS. Hitarth has also cleared Solicitor’s exam conducted by Bombay Incorporated Law Society in his first attempt. After this combination of academic and professional experiences, the choice to pursue the LLM in the US was not an easy one to make. But, with the support of his family, it was a decision he eventually did make. 

And, with the benefit of hindsight, he is glad he did.  

“UNH Franklin Pierce professors shared real-life case scenarios during classes, enhancing my understanding of practical applications of IP laws in both jurisdictions.”  Parikh says, “This experience greatly aided my comprehension of IP law enforcement and prosecution in India, elevating my knowledge and confidence as an IP lawyer.” 

One of the most valuable aspects of the UNH Franklin Pierce LLM experience was, of course, the global perspective the course offers. “UNH's program broadened my vision and deepened my insight into the concepts and nuances of global IP laws.” 

Of course, the LLM program was not only about studies. Two of his favorite memories include the “Barrister Ball” and various events organized by the Asian Pacific American Law Student Association (APALSA).  

But it was when graduation approached, and the hunt for jobs began, that the career services team at UNH Franklin Pierce really shone. 

“I had the privilege of working as a student coordinator in the career services office, guided by Dean Sirota. The office played a crucial role in assisting us with the preparation and drafting of our resume and cover letters, vital documents for job applications in the USA.…. For a foreign-trained lawyer like me, the career services office offered valuable tips on networking and guidance on how to face interviews. The office also conducted mock interview sessions.” 

It evidently paid off, as Hitarth secured a position at Khaitan & Co after completing his LLM. In his role, he dedicates a considerable portion of his time to working on foreign prosecution of trademarks, copyrights, and industrial designs. The practical and technical learnings gained at UNH Franklin Pierce, particularly through participation in the Intellectual Property and Transaction Clinic and the Trademarks Searching Course,  directly correlate with his daily responsibilities as an IP lawyer here in India.  

And for this, he is grateful.  

“The LLM in Intellectual Property program has been instrumental in my professional journey, and I firmly believe that having an LLM tag from UNH Franklin Pierce significantly contributed to securing a job.” 

To learn more about Hitarth’s experience in the LLM program and how he worked with the Career Services Office to secure a job in India after graduation, watch the #Meet the Powerhouse virtual alum chat