The Career Services Office offers many ways that you can connect with our students. We have recruiting programs in both the fall and spring semesters; we can help you find an extern; and you can always post a job.

Founded by a patent lawyer, The University of New Hampshire School of Law has a long tradition of having an extensive IP curriculum. We also offer a host of other classes and clinical experiences for students. UNH Law has always emphasized teaching our students practical skills as well as theory. In fact, we have the first-in-the-nation alternative bar examination program, Daniel Webster Scholars Program.

While we are located in beautiful New Hampshire, all of our classes are taught so that students will be successful wherever they choose to practice. We have graduates in 49 states, the District of Columbia, American Samoa and the US Virgin Islands, as well as in over 80 foreign countries.

Our JD program is diverse. In the entering class of 2015, more than 10 percent of the students were minorities. In addition to the JD program, we host dozens of students annually in our LLM and Master's programs. Students may pursue a graduate degree in Intellectual Property, Commerce and Technology, and International Criminal Law and Justice.

Career Services Contact Information:

Mary Anne Aspell
Career Services & Externship Program Administrative Assistant
Phone: (603) 513-5182
Email: maryanne.aspell@law.unh.edu

Eleanor MacLellan
Assistant Dean of Career Services
Phone: (603) 513-5108
Email: eleanor.maclellan@law.unh.edu

Paula Harris
Assistant Director of Career Services
Phone: (603) 513-5160
Email: paula.harris@law.unh.edu

UNH School of Law Career Services Office Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

University of New Hampshire School of Law is committed to a policy of providing all students and graduates with equal opportunity to obtain employment and education without discrimination on the basis of sex, age, race, color, religion, ethnicity, disability, marital status, national origin or sexual orientation.

By using the facilities of UNH Law Career Services Office, employers affirm their intent to comply with this policy.

Employers who wish to interview on-campus, who utilize the school’s Resume Collect assistance, or who post  positions on UNHLawJobs are required to sign and submit a statement affirming compliance.

Employers who discriminate are denied access to placement assistance.