Meet Nabhali Mhatre, Recipient of the International Student Scholarship Sponsored by Royzz & Co.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

The International Student Scholarship, sponsored by Royzz & Co. Law Firm, provides a $5,000 scholarship for one graduate student studying Intellectual Property law at the University of New Hampshire Franklin Pierce School of Law.

Nabhali Mhatre

Nabhali Mhatre began her study of law in Mumbai’s Pravin Gandhi College of Law. She discovered a passion for intellectual property law and a keen interest in learning how to protect creators and their innovations. “I believe in the power of artists and creators and that with their brainchild, they can change the world. As an aspiring Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) professional, it provides me a sense of fulfilment that I would be able to protect and preserve the finest creations,” Mhatre shared. To fuel her passion and in an effort to “cultivate IP consciousness in my law school,” Mhatre founded the Centre for Corporate Laws & Intellectual Property Rights during her tenure at law school.

Mhatre’s love for IPR law continued to flourish. She was one of 48 global students selected to attend the World Intellectual Property Organization India Summer School in 2018. She continued her specialized IP studies in the summer of 2019, participating in the prestigious CopyrightX course conducted by Harvard Law School and the University of Turin.

As Mhatre worked towards her dream of becoming an IPR professional, she recognized the value in gaining knowledge and experience from a school that specializes in the subject matter. Mhatre was familiar with the Franklin Pierce School of Law’s reputation as an IP powerhouse which offered a top-ranked US legal education in global innovation and the #5 IP program in the US. When asked why she chose to pursue her LL.M. at Franklin Pierce, Mhatre responded, “It is a globally recognized institution for learning which ensures that its students are best prepared for any challenge.”

prototype in library

Mhatre went on to explain that the resources offered through Franklin Pierce’s IP library, the access gained through the renowned Franklin Pierce Center for Intellectual Property, and the unique and comprehensive IP law curriculum make Franklin Pierce the ideal place for her to pursue her ambitions. “Franklin Pierce has doubtlessly nurtured students into outstanding business professionals and future industry leaders. An LL.M. from UNH Franklin Pierce will not only boost my profile and standing in the IP community back in India, but also help me join a network of influential alumni,” Mhatre said, referencing the school’s alumni network in more than 80 countries at global tech giants, top law firms, national IP offices and Fortune 100 companies around the world.

As for the International Student Scholarship, Mhatre says that the application process was simple. She contacted the admissions office for an application and submitted a brief essay outlining her financial need and why she was deserving of the award based on her professional and academic background. Mhatre notes that the scholarship is helping fund her education so she can, “realize my long-cherished dream of empowering creators and thereby encourage innovation and development in the world.”

Upon earning the LL.M. degree at Franklin Pierce, Mhatre intends to practice as an IP Attorney with a focus on trademarks and copyright issues. Her long-term goal is to assist in the process of IP policy formulation. “Only a well-rounded policy can help achieve the delicate balance between the interest of innovators and the wider public interest of every citizen. It is my professional goal and desire to help achieve that equilibrium,” Mhatre explained.

Mhatre accepted her admission to Franklin Pierce with the confidence that the school’s nurturing academic environment will create the ideal platform for her to engage in a successful career of IP policymaking. She credits the International Student Scholarship with enabling her to, “complete my IP education, help creators protect their finest creations, and contribute towards my ultimate goal of IP policy formulation.”

Mhatre had planned to begin her LL.M. in Intellectual Property this fall. However, due to the pandemic, she was forced to postpone her start date to August 2021. Though disappointed she could not begin her LL.M. this fall, Mhatre says, “I'm very excited to be part of the Franklin Pierce community. I look forward to next fall when I will embark upon this splendid journey of learning and growth in the backdrop of beautiful New Hampshire.” The UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law community excitedly awaits Mhatre’s  arrival in August 2021!

For more information about Franklin Pierce’s Intellectual Property graduate law programs, or the International Student Scholarship, visit: Prospective students can also contact the Admissions Office at or on WhatsApp at +1-603-513-5300.